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A new wave of Entrepreneurs!

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Once a dream becomes a vision and ultimately an aim to achieve.

People growing with aim and idea soon start transforming lives. Lives of people, ordinarily and exclusive.

Understanding people’s problems and bringing solutions is the sole idea of Entrepreneur, Amit Chhabria.

A person who helps and solves problems your brand has is great in itself to come up with, Life is small so bringing smiles and releasing one’s fear to fight against problems is something which people must try working on. Not everyone has solutions to every existing problem but yes to quite many.

Startup ideas in India had been a dream for many but not everyone makes a choice to transform their executions into startups and ultimately business. People who get the chance to work on their dream startups are not always successful due to many reasons, helping them is the ultimate humanity as it is ultimately helping someone to go closer to one’s dreams.

It takes huge efforts to transform one’s dreams into reality, but once started with an entrepreneurial mindset there’s no way back you can achieve great heights with consistency and proven strategies. Working for benefits is something that everyone does but working for something that one can be or you can be grateful for is something unique.

Start to help one and check on the amount of acquired happiness and satisfaction it ranges, its ways more than the salary received message. A happy mind is a happy soul which means less pain and low diseases eventually saving money from going in vain.

An exercising mind and active body give appropriate results. At Fit India+ Amit along with his friends aims to bring in the habit of exercising and working out daily. Regularly exercising is difficult. There’s no motivation daily to get up and work out but with rewards, it becomes easier to get consistent.

India’s own reward app helps people earn rewards for working out daily. An amazing offer to keep the people of India fit and active.

With over 5 long years of experience in strategy building and growing business Amit along with his team has been working with people to conceptualize their business and work on its marketing and creating presence. Fit India team has also worked on sustainable and cost-effective programs for social development projects.

Fit India + application works on the three stepwise concepts which stand out as to exercise, earn and reward. Suggestive and customized workout plans are possible on this where people can hover to get fit and active. Burning calories by working out helps you earn power calories which are ultimately rewards for the fitness freak. Not only fitness freaks are rewarded but effortful people get their power calories also which are the rewards for users. 

Amit is presently targeting clients to maximize their revenue and provide a concrete solution that ultimately endures business development and client relationships.

Amit began his career as an employee and now leads MISSION MAKE INDIA FIT, where he helps entrepreneurs promote their brands and the fitness community stays consistent. His vision is to help Indians stay consistent in their workout regime by allowing brands to showcase their services on the iOS-exclusive FIT INDIA + app, where every 50 calories burned on the app earns the fitness enthusiast 1 power calorie, which is the in-app currency and can be redeemed for various products. You maintain a steady fitness program while simultaneously earning prizes.

Amit and his buddies, Nikhil and Arhant, are attempting to reach out to as many people as possible, not just for fitness but also to assist entrepreneurs in showing their finest promotions.

Amit believes that empowering entrepreneurs would usher in a new era of entrepreneurship.

One can contact the Fit India + team from their websites and also in person at their office in Mumbai. Amit Chhabria the founder is available on Linkedin and the website also for both in-person and remote meet plans.

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