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If happiness is what makes you attractive, then wellness is the route that leads to it. Panache has recognised this connection and has merged health and beauty treatments into its salons. Consumers are transitioning from an external “beautiful being” or an inner seeking “well-being” to a more comprehensive “beautiful well-being.”

Panache Wellness, founded by Mrs. Hema, who studied nutrition for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees because she wanted to raise awareness among people about the importance of good health and how to achieve it through the correct diets for different body types and medical concerns.

She interned at Apollo hospitals after finishing her studies and noticed how most individuals are uninformed of the diets they must follow to deal with medical concerns ranging from diabetes to obesity, She worked for two years on shows such as Healthmantra on AZAD News, where she assisted individuals by offering diet programmes and beauty recommendations for living a healthy lifestyle and looking beautiful, and Health Morning on 107.8 FM on their morning show, where they covered various health-related topics. Along with all this she joined a wellness centre where she dealt with different people having different health problems.

With nearly a decade of experience in the health and beauty industry, she decided to launch her own company, Panache, in December 2019 which began with a small slimming centre and salon in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, and has since made a significant breakthrough in the fields of Slimming, Nutrition, Beauty, Laser hair removal, and dermatology treatments with quality treatments and a Customer Retention Rate of 99.9%.

There is a lot of overlap between the fields of beauty and wellness, a good general rule to remember is that beauty is more concerned with how you visually show yourself, whereas wellbeing is more concerned with how you feel or elements of your health.

Beauty services are often more superficial in nature, whereas wellness services are more concerned with your health, Panache’s specially created programmes focus on successful, long-term weight control and overall health, rather than just what you consume. It is not easy to change your lifestyle, but adopting healthy habits may help you control your weight in the long run.

Professionally trained team at Panache provides you with an ageless appearance with modern therapies and treatments.

Also catering to a wide range of hair treatments such as hair colour, design, and finishing, trained stylists produce timeless, classic styles. They also have Ayurveda Specialists that provide vital insights and services for the well-being of their clientele.

A one-stop store for all of your beauty and wellness requirements Panache Wellness is fast becoming one of the top brands in beauty and wellness services, with the purpose of offering exceptional service and attention to each and every customer at every visit.

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