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Political Engineer: Torchbearer of new age social media


Social media management is no more a play of a nomad. Social media now became an art of conveying your message to the outer spectra. Social media management now needs a scientific approach for outreach. May it be an individual or a brand or a community.

Politics is the field where one needs to be on their toes to convey themselves to the masses. If you are not reaching the public, you cannot reach new heights. Politicians feel the urgency to reach out to the masses. They are always looking for an effective medium to reach the masses. As social media is the most effective medium ever, people in the political field also use it. 10 years ago, social media was not used so much. But due to the revolution through social media, the masses turned up on the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in huge numbers political people eventually showed their presence on social media and ultimately all the political spheres arrived on all social media platforms.

Need for Social Media Secretary (SMS) in the 21st century.

This made it necessary for politicians to use social media to create their own image. The daily lives of politicians are so busy that it becomes difficult for them to find time to post something on social media. Just as politicians hire personal assistants or secretaries to carry out their work and take care of their political and personal tasks, social media managers also become an integral part of a politician’s life. A social media manager is no less than a personal secretary. Personal secretaries are like a shadow around a leader and are ready for any kind of work. Similarly, a social media manager also acts as a reflection of that leader on social media.

“The one who handles or manages the portfolio on social media for politicians acts as Social Media Secretary for that particular politician.”

Political Engineer: One-stop solution for managing your social media.

This is what exactly was done by a new-age social media firm called ‘Political Engineer’. Political engineer understands the need of the hour for politicians and acts accordingly. This organization becomes your Social Media Secretary for you. Political engineer is in this field for the last 5 years and has vast and rock-solid experience in managing social media portfolios of political personalities. To work on their image on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Doing PR activities, showcase and convey the work done by the politician to the people through social media.    

Managing various trends, and expanding the reach of particular politicians. Keeping track of their daily activities and replicating that personality’s thought process on social media. Political Engineer has successfully served many and is ready to serve many more. Political Engineer does anything on social media backed by ground and statistical research and no word is thrown hollow by them. He is ready to become the social media secretary of this new age dynamic. Moreover, he has a team of 10+ smart individuals who do the research, content writing and make creative content for their clients. He is ready to stand right with you. All you need to do is to check the link below.



Chai Garam gets the Best Franchisor of the Year Award!


Chai Garam wins the Best Franchisor of the Year Award in Café category. Judged by an independent panel of experts & supported by the Indian Small Business & Franchise Association (ISFA) & with Francorp India as process advisors, Franchise Awards 2022 rewarded organizations that have shown outstanding business acumen, passion & achievement of franchise businesses across India. 

Chai Garam was established in 2008. With a presence in Asia, predominantly India they are currently serving customers through more than 200 retail outlets and kiosks.  Chai Garam provides freshly brewed made to order handmade chai using garden-fresh ingredients. They have been serving tea and quality snacks since last 15 years and have served over 5 million cups of tea.

Chai Garam offers a wide range of beverages and food items. Serving over 20 types of freshly brewed handmade teas, 30 flavours of Milk shakes, Coolers and Iced Teas. Their tea is freshly brewed without the use of tea bags or vending machines while their food menu offers a vast assortment of snacks ranging from Pastas, Sandwiches and Omelettes to Parathas & Samosas that are better suited to the India Palate. 

According to its Founder, Bhrigu Dutt, “Chai Garam is a platform for entrepreneurship. We seek to partner with enterprising, motivated individuals and provide them with an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and grow with us. We are totally committed to make each outlet a success”. With 14 years of experience they significantly shorten the learning curve giving each partner a head start.

Chai Garam provides its Franchise partners an end to end service. Complete solution from helping them find the real estate, to designing and fabrication of the outlet, installation of equipment, hiring and training of manpower, supply chain management and marketing support is given to the franchisees.

Any motivated individual or group with a passion for work and a strong sense of self can open & run a Chai gram outlet . With an initial investment of INR 7 lacs (going upto 25 lacs) and area between 100 to 1500 square feet, any individual can begun his Entrepreneurial  journey.

The team at Chai Garam has over 14 years experience in business development and executions. They have successfully set up more than 200 cafes, shops, carts and kiosks.

Chai Garam was notably ahead of its time. They started their journey way back in 2008 when there was no organized CHAI brand in India. As the first Chai Brand in the market, they significantly contributed in popularizing the tea cafe industry. 

Chai Garam has seen phenomenal growth over the years. Although the industry suffered on account of the pandemic the grit and perseverance of young Indians has revived the industry and now we are seeing astronomical growth significantly higher than the pre-pandemic period. QSR, pocket concepts are on the rise as is the need for hygienic and quality hangout places.

Global players have played key role in popularizing coffee and attaching a novelty to it for actively getting essentially a tea drinking country addicted to coffee.  The charm of hot cup of tea could not be easily diluted. It is in our DNA and with increased focus on healthy alternatives, unique flavours and concoctions the trend is only looking up ward for Chai!

Coach Shruti Dutt got the ‘Global Inspirational Award’ in London


Shruti Dutt of New Delhi was recently felicitated with the ‘Global Inspirational Award’ in London. The celebrations of Naya Bharat Amrit MahoUtsav ‘Sakalp se Siddhi tak’ were organised by the Government of India in collaboration with the High Commission of the UK. They were to be covered by the Global Governance News Group. Numerous Global Leaders and Dignitaries were invited. But due to the demise of her Majesty, the celebrations at the Parliament were duly cancelled. A condolence meeting was held by the Awardees to pray for the Queen’s soul.

Shruti Dutt received the ‘Global Inspirational Award’ as the ‘Best Transformation Author & Coach’. Her books ‘Change Your Story -Today!’, and ‘Badal Do Apni Kahani – Aaj!’, & ‘Billionaire Mindset’, are bestsellers. She is the Founder of ‘BLOOM’- The five step system of Personality Transformation for Success.  She was recently also Awarded by EFI, India as The Best Mindset Transformation Coach and was a ‘The India Brainy Beauty ‘Finalist’, at IBB, Mumbai.

‘The Shruti Dutt Show’, on Tennews Network has hosted many Inspiring World Record Holders. She also has TV show called ‘Outstanding Desi Girls’ in which she invites Indian Women of substance to inspire others. Shruti Dutt started her career in Advertising & Sales Promotion (ASP) 1984 & moved on to be an International Trader after her Marriage. She changed her career to that of an Educator in 1994. As she says, “My most fulfilling tasks have been as a teacher/trainer/coach. The intangible returns were immense and very satisfying to me. Through her NGO ‘Kaksha’, (2006) she has directly reached out to many underprivileged youth. She has conducted workshops on values ​​of life through art, music, and drama, campaigns of oral and personal hygiene environmental protection and other sustainable development goals. She has organised bilingual classes to improve Hindi and English. She has helped many School dropout children. She has also travelled extensively in India and abroad.

Super Coach Shruti has invaluable experience in every sphere of life. Her bilingual YouTube channel (Dilliwalinani) is also an endeavour to impart good values to children & improve their communication skills.

As she says,”I am in the Third phase of my life – I want this phase to be about my contribution to this World. So far my energies were mainly focused on my three children and a few friends but now I reach out globally and help people transform to live the best life for themselves. I have learnt many lessons in my life the hard way – I have made them easy & accessible to all who might need them with my books, telecast, podcast Youtube & my personal training sessions at the Bloom Academy. The good thing is that there is no ‘retirement ‘in my area of work.  I will continue to contribute and work for the benefit of youth and women till my last breath. I wake up early and strive daily to be “Better  Today Than Yesterday”

Shruti Dutt is an Internationally Certified Life Coach by Arfeen Khan. An alumna of St. Stephen’s College and PG from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Masters in Education from Annamalai University. She is also a Reiki Master, NLP Coach, a Healer (Ho Opono Pono) and a Yoga teacher of World Peace yoga school. Rishikesh. Bhagwad  Geeta & Gosho are her ‘life books’ !

Contribution is her most motivating factor. She believes that in order to be healthy, we should continue to make good causes and serve the society with enthusiasm according to the means available to us.

Local Businesses strive through E-Commerce sites generated by Origin software’s


Despite being in a digital world, when the pandemic hit, it brought shallows to people’s lives as it didn’t only affect people’s health but also their businesses, especially the local sellers’ businesses. Be it the dry fruit seller, the fruit shop vendor, the vegetable seller, or the small shop owners around the town who earned their wage by going house to house or just still in their own small place. These are the people who earn daily and if their products aren’t sold by the end of the day then everything goes to waste.

Things were heart-breaking for these local sellers, which is when the introduction to the E-commerce websites gave them a source of change and a breath of peace.

E-commercial sites have totally been a saviour in the times of complete lockdown and at most physical scarcity.

Although the range of E-Commerce websites is large, each aspect of it helps to grow any kind of business. And be it since the pandemic and now post-pandemic, its prevalence is much higher than it ever was. Everyone wants to shop online from the comfort of their house, while gives a way for commercial sites to grow and deliver products to their customers efficiently, a complete win-win for both the parties.

At Origin Software’s, they create E-commerce websites as per the client’s requirements in a minimum time without the quality being compromised. When the local sellers finally stepped into the digital world with their company, their businesses not only sustained but flourished.

Origin Software’s is a Hyderabad, Telangana based IT Services Company, established in 2013, which works to provide software solutions and other automated business consultations as well as one on one information tech solutions across various domains of interests.

Run by highly motivated and dedicated team members, with knowledge and passion as their power, their best creative and a highly competent team of developers, Integrators and Testers with expertise in various domains and platforms, carefully curate the best attractively connecting IT solutions through logo design, brand identity, web design, SEO and social media marketing.

Mohammed Athesham & Abdul Baseer are the directors at the Origin Software’s, with more than 12 years of experience in leadership/strategic and Entrepreneurship roles at corporate. They have proven expertise in this field & one of the greats of Origin Software’s.

They are promoted by a group of qualified and experienced professionals from the Information Technology Industry, while also possessing a combined business experience of more than 8 years which brings an efficiency laid experience for guaranteed success of work.

Completing 1000+ projects with satisfied clients, it is seen that at Origin Software’s they deliver clever end to end solutions by carefully analysing, planning, developing, and hence fast delivering and supporting their clients’ needs as per the requirements.

Origin Software’s is the place for Companies, start-ups or organisations who want to build or manage their e-commerce website for their company without the hassle of orienting it and with their E-commerce experts, they evaluate their client’s business needs to recommend and implement a variety of open source and custom solutions to bring about a growing development to the business.

Their aim is to convert their client’s wild dreams into brand realities as they work as that corporate identity which will be a landmark for future generations, and hence incorporating themes in one’s brand designs, website and business solutions to highlight the unique cultural identity and incubate a perfect source of site likes and visited by many, as per the client’s wish.


Bringing Revolution for B2C businesses setup in tier 2& tier 3 cities.


The Brand Stories, name depicts all about it.
Every brand has its own stories & struggles especially when it is exposed to a highly competitive market which is occupied with tech savvy and 
pre informed customers. These days customers are almost up to date with backend story of any start up via digital media.
Therefore, the vision of founder Kamaldeep Katiyar is to provide a solid platform to B2C industry setup of tier 2 & tier 3 cities to use their USP’s in order to create a different brand image in mind of its niche customer. 
Brand stories focuses on catering needs of brands by content creation and graphic designing.

It determines the target audience, positions the product & business, defines company’s personality, helps in choosing logo and slogans. It bridges gap between where company stands today in mind of customers about its awareness and popularity and where its wants to be tomorrow.

The ultimate purpose of The Brand Stories is to add value in digital media industry through its innovation ideas of brand value upliftment. Needless to mention covid brought tough time for entire world but toughest for struggling start-ups based out in tier 2 & tier 3 cities. The only ray of hope in situation of uncertainty was digital media marketing which could gave great rewards returns with zero or no investment.

Also, the popularity of internet, social media, mobile apps and other digital communication channels has already created its own space in lives of common man, only right positioning is required. Positioning a brand in heart and mind of customers is the mission of The Brand Stories.

Covid 19 brought a time when start-ups like Zomato – Swiggy used no contact delivery branding preposition as strategy this led business to next level milestone in terms of success.

Similarly, every business has a USP which makes it different from competitors. The Brand Stories helps start-ups to highlight its key USP, communicate and position the same in mind of customer which will set them apart/different than competitor.


VERZEO: One Stop Upskilling Destination!


We at Verzeo, believe in Everything Learning and wish to help students gain hands-on experience through the various programs we offer.

It’s no secret that today’s tech-driven world is constantly changing and evolving through various advancements toward digitalization and technology.

However, College Education is unable to adapt to the constant changes in the system resulting in a gap between college education and industrial requirements.

Every problem is unsolvable until someone solves it and Verzeo aspires to be the Bridge between College Education and Industrial Requirements.

We Offer programs to students around the world through the means of technology to reach every household and to impact every aspirant ready to create their mark in the domain of their choice.

We don’t want students to be limited to the reality of today but the practicality of tomorrow. 

That’s why we’ve researched and curated a list of Skills & Careers that will be some of the highest paying and sought-after Career Options in the future like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and many more.

We Started 4 years ago from a Single Desk and now have a presence in various cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Noida, Chennai, & Vizag.

We’re over 1300+ employees strong and are helping over 10000+ students every month with the career guidance and the industrial exposure they need.

What sets us apart from an Ordinary Course?

Teachers can’t teach the leaders of tomorrow; Only Mentors can Guide them!

That’s why we have a pool of highly qualified mentors who are working professionals with years of experience in the industry.

The students in our program are taught by these mentors to help them get up to date with the industrial requirements and learn the skills required to excel in their career choice.

On top of that, we provide projects to students so they can get some hands-on experience and master the skills they’ve learned.

After all, Life is just like Mathematics, even if memorise all the formulas and you can’t solve every problem unless you have Experience!

Students also receive Certificates to help boost their Resumes. One is a Course Completion Certificate from Verzeo and another is a Co-branded Certificate from the chosen domain.

Now, if you were an HR, who would you hire, a person with industrial experience or a person without?


This is how we help our students become the ideal choice for Companies when they’re coming to hire individuals.

We weren’t alone in this Journey; we have partnered with various companies like IBM & Autodesk.

But Most of all, the trust and the reviews of students are one of the key elements that have propelled us to unimaginable heights.

Today’s Learners are Tomorrow’s Leaders! We aim to provide students with everything they need to turn their Dream Job into Reality.

Explore the Industry, Explore the Future!


Everything Learning

Website: www.verzeo.com

Delightful Festive Gifting: An Interview with Priya Katariya, Founder of Karry in Style


Q1. Priya, Introduce your start-up Karryinstyle.

We are a Trousseau packing services company. We provide all types of packing services for your special occasions be it wedding favors, festive gifting, corporate gifting or gifting for birthdays, anniversaries or baby shower. Our services are highly in demand for the elegance and richness of the gifting experience we provide. Every time you want to give something special, it ends up looking like a work of art.

Q2. How did you get the idea of starting your business of trousseau packing?

My mother have always been fascinated with this business idea and she always used to discuss the same within the family that we should think in that particular direction since there wasn’t a very feasible an affordable option in South Delhi around 5-6 years ago where you could get beautiful packing services which looked like a unique gifting option. And, there also came a time when I had to get a saree packed for a relative and I kept searching on google for options nearby me who does an amazing job. Somehow, I managed to find one in South Delhi and went up to her and told her to pack it. When she actually came up to me and I saw her work, I wasn’t fully satisfied, but I was in a hurry so I took it. When asked for the price, she told me 1500 bucks… I was honestly shocked, for just very simple packing she is charging so much. I came back home, discussed with my family that this is what I wanna do and this has a scope but with minimal margins. So, my sister and I went to Chandni chowk, we got the material, we packed our first dry fruits tray at my father’s store and it got sold within half an hour. We went ahead, packed more and more and here we are today.

Q3. What would you term as your USP?

Firstly, our USP is quality work. I handpick each and every material myself making sure the quality is good and worth it. Secondly, it has to be timely delivery. I think this aspect is very important to everyone who is related to the gifting industry. If you are not on time, you can ruin someone’s event. In the last 5 years, I have never cancelled or delayed any order. No matter whatever time crunch I am in (I sometimes get order placements for 200-300 pieces to complete in a single day as well, and) I make sure my order is ready a few hours prior to the delivery time. To sum it up, all you have to do is wait for your order to arrive next to nothing!

Q4. Tell us more about your product line.

Whatever the event, we have something perfect for you. If it’s an engagement or birthday party, or just a get-together with friends or family, we offer a wide range of products and services to ensure that no one has to stress too much about what to gift and how to present that gift. We provide everything from the littlest ginni boxes, money envelopes, packing bride’s or groom’s trousseau to luxury hampers containing dry fruits and other premium material.

Q5. What is that one thing that always motivates you to keep moving forward?

For me, the love from my clients and positive feedback has always been my biggest motivation. Whenever I create an event for them, I want to make it something unique and memorable.

Q6. What would be your message to all young entrepreneurs?

If you want something, reach for it. The things you want take time and hard work, but if you’re patient, willing to put in the work and believe in yourself, they don’t stay out of your grasp.

Call – +91-9810143738

Whatsapp – +91-9810143738

Instagram- /karryinstyle

Facebook – /karryinstyle

Mail- [email protected]

Easy Pay aims to bring banking services and easy credit access to the underserved MSME segment


Easy Pay is the one the first and the fast-growing embedded finance & neobanking platform for MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) in India. It is amongst the pioneering fintechs in the country, launched with the vision of financial inclusion for the unorganized business sector. Here is our conversation with Mr. Vaibhav Joshi, Co-Founder & CEO, EasyPay.

Tell us about Easy Pay. How did it all begin?

Easy Pay is the one the first and the fast growing embedded Neobank for MSMEs., in India. A study of the fast-evolving domestic MSME market revealed a huge opportunity in offering easy and secure financing to this sector due to the apathy of prevalent financial institutions. As there were no MSME focused fintech players then, we launched Easy Pay (in 2014) with a strong conviction of “Organizing The Unorganized”. This is an offbeat platform that supports & escalates the 2nd largest employer in India and exclusively extends digital convenience for their requirement.

The pandemic further aided the fintech sector because most small & medium businesses quickly adopted an online presence and needed new-age fintech to assist them with digital financial services. As more MSMEs, especially from non-metro markets emerged onto the online platform, there was a pertinent need for a focused and scalable financial service, especially for lending, to meet their personal and business demands. We already have experience servicing the retail sector and a pan-India presence across 18,000 plus pin codes. The goal is to provide all banking services by creating an integrated financial ecosystem for MSMEs. We are helping MSMEs to unleash their full potential, riding on domain expertise, strong business acumen, and background in technology, banking, advisory, finance, and strategy.

What is the new business focus for Easy Pay?

The domestic MSME sector is the 2nd largest employer and contributes to about 30% of India’s GDP. However easy and timely credit access remains a big challenge for this sector, especially for the players with no or limited credit data. Recognizing these challenges faced by MSMEs and riding on the experience of serving the unorganized retail sector, Easy Pay created an embedded finance Neobank, offering a complete banking experience, rendered in a true-blue digital manner within the regulatory framework, all at a finger’s touch. We have developed our proprietary tools and engine framework to ensure safer underwriting, instant verification, and quick disbursals of loans. This along with AI-based self-help and an immersive customer experience makes us a user’s delight. As an embedded finance Neobank for MSMEs, Easy Pay aims to be a one-stop shop for all their financial needs, personal or business. Our product offering includes payments, banking, lending, wealth creation, and investments as well as value-added services like taxation, inventory management, and khaata amongst others. We aim to be the #1 embedded finance Neobank in 2 years, with our core proposition being consumer-centricity.

Why choose the MSME sector? Especially when the B2C digital loan lending space is thriving.

Recent industry data showed that we have approximately 70Mn MSMEs employing over 110Mn workforce. The digitally transforming India has led to the advent of many entrepreneurial ventures from the non-metro markets, or what we call the real Bharat, that accounts today for over 1150Mm and $1T GDP. Going by recent industry reports, the total MSME credit gap in India stands at $375Bn and nearly 95% of this addressable credit demand comes from micro and small enterprises. However, only 14% of the total outstanding loan ($800Mn) is with the MSME sector. Due to a lack of timely credit sources from traditional banks, the MSMEs looked at fintech players for their monetary requirements. This transformation of MSMEs is evident from the fact that now 72% of payments are done digitally compared to 28% of cash transactions. Traditional banks usually have a long processing time, document-heavy processes, and long gestations period for loan disbursals. So, as more MSMEs emanate onto the digital marketplace, there is immense potential for Fintechs to help grow this sector. The growth of technology aided by improved infrastructure and conducive government policies has created a favorable environment for Fintechs. So, we built a disruptive embedded finance Neobank that provides all banking & financial services customized for MSMEs.

What are the unique offerings at Easy Pay?

We are creating a financial ecosystem on one app that can support MSMEs at every stage of their growth journey. We have an in-house built Credit AI Engine that enables us to offer pre-approved loans to all our merchants irrespective of their credit score. This complete digital journey from lead to disbursal is completed within 2 hours. This credit AI also helps to make credit data-backed decisions by looking at alternate data as well as transactional data allowing Easy Pay to understand customers’ creditworthiness and intent to repay. This helps us to reduce the risk of delinquency, thus making us the preferred partner of choice for NBFCs and Banks. We did a POC and have disbursed over 1800 loans with 90% of borrowers being new to credit and maintained a delinquency rate of 0% thanks to the Credit AI engine. Additionally; we offer intelligent notifications for timely bill payments, and bill clearance, and make business estimates based on your current transactions, assisting organizations in planning and strategically speeding up their growth. Easy Pay thus offers, 24×7 frictionless digital banking, a sleek & hassle-free experience, and zero wait servicing with an extremely high level of focus on engagement & retention. All these features and a host of others applications in the pipeline continue to make us a user’s delight, which is the testimonial ranking of 4.3 on the Play Store.

Tell us about Tech @ Easy Pay?

We are constantly leveraging technology to not only enhance our services but also help us make data-backed decisions, which eventually helps in providing a delightful user experience. We have quick onboarding, instant verification, a seamless user journey from lead to retention and AI-based self-help, to have an immersive experience.

We also deploy technology for self-service and assisted services – like Chat Bots and the virtual relationship manager. Additionally, as an embedded finance Neobank, a robust security interface is a high priority so we work with the best in the class, through AWS Security Services who have vastly improved our crisis mitigation and crisis response time. In addition to the industry and regulatory standpoint, we have also developed our compliance matrix to check and streamline our data compliances, which help is keeping high standards of compliance and mitigate the risk of fraudulent and dubious interferences. To enhance the app performance, it is architected in such a way that the load on the server is minimal for a given request. Each request is categorized into either an HTML page request or a data request. This ensures that the server responds to each of these requests individually, thereby reducing the load and block time on itself. So the data fetch takes minimal time and at the same time, barring network latency, it provides the results in sub-second. This ability to distribute the system at a granular level using Spring technologies to ensure that specific functionalities with higher load can later be moved to more sophisticated infrastructure and thereby provide results faster.

We are ISO 27001 certified company and under that we have defined the requirement of an ISMS – Information Security Management System. Besides the industry and regulatory standpoint, we have also developed our compliance matrix to check and streamline our data compliances. Technology and innovation thus have enabled us to add additional features to our existing product stack to ensure convenience and a delightful user experience, along with robust security.

What are the immediate plans for the brand?

We aim to be the trusted friend of the MSMEs and are committed to their growth by providing financial inclusion. On the business front, we aim to be the #1 choice with 1 Mn active merchants in 12 months. Apart from credit access we also want to partner with these MSMEs for all their financial needs to be part of their growth journey as a One Stop Shop for all their banking & business needs.

How is life #Easy Pay?

Life at Easy Pay is a hustle but equally fun because we are always finding ways to do better! So routine or ‘standard way to do things are not the norm at Easy Pay – we like disruption and innovation. When teams work together – there is no delegation, we encourage ownership and teamwork I know most of my employees by their name, and I look forward to meeting the new joinees, and interacting with these young minds. We have many workshops, incentive programs, and recreational activities like chess, Zumba, or Carrom, to help create a sense of teamwork and trust among employees. We are always looking for intangible assets in a person say like – Commitment, perseverance, and passion to learn more.

Tell us as New CEO what are your responsibility and key focus?

In my role as Co-Founder & CEO, I aim to leverage Easy Pay by unlocking the potential of Connected Banking which will revolutionize the accessibility to banking for over 70+ million MSMEs in the country. My vision is to drive stellar business growth and also make Easy Pay the largest and the fastest-growing MSME embedded finance Neo bank in the country. The Fintech sector is at a very exciting juncture driving the digital transformation of the financial sector in the country and with Easy Pay, we march on this growth journey aligned to the vision of Digital India and the economic progress of the retail sector which in turn is financially empowering the nation.

India’s best accredited 100% online school with legacy of 50 years in education


Sunbeam World School

Sunbeam World School is 100% online school for K-12 education. India’s Best accredited online school with a legacy of 50 years in education. That ensures high-quality education to the learners from the comfort of their homes. They can access the classes on their devices from anywhere which reduces the hassle of traveling and attending classes. They are only required to log in, and they are in school with best online schools in India with the world’s largest learning management system that makes the complete school AI-enabled.

At Sunbeam World School, we offer systematic, stress-free, and completely structured virtual online classes from the comfort of your place. Sunbeam world school is one of the best 100% accredited online school which made it possible for students to learn from our highly experienced teachers and curriculum which can’t be approachable in any other way due to the distance of the school, absence of a good school in the town, non-availability of best teachers for all subjects in offline school and may be due to extravagant fee structures. To start learning in the best accredited online school Sunbeam all you need is an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone and you have the best education at your place.


We provide best live online homeschooling classes in India that aim to deliver the most effective curriculum with the right blend of Technology, pedagogy, and content Technology enables us in achieving this by Constructing innovative and cost-effective modes of instruction.

In using technology to democratise education, we reach out to learners, irrespective of their geographical location and socioeconomic background.

We have our eyes set on a future where every child would be an innovator. We are one of the leading 100% certified online schools that always Keep in mind the needs of various kinds of learners, and craft innovative tools and strategies to ensure that every child learns effectively.

We believe in #unitingglobaleducation, #equaleducationforall, to shape the global vision of education. 

Our Pillars of Strength

  •  2:20 teacher: student ratio + assistant subject teacher for doubt solving
  •  Very affordable fees 
  •  Highly qualified and trained teachers with more than 20+ years on experience
  • Academic Heads with 40 + years of experience in education 
  •  Books delivered at home 
  •  Live classes + recorded classes
  •  Our curriculum is structured for total development of every student 
  •  7000+ hours digital content 
  •  540,000 questions in question bank 
  •  6000+ experiments
  • Classes of core subjects + skill classes like Coding, Expert reading, English Vocabulary, Rubi cube, Abacus, Phonics
  • language classes like Sanskrit, Urdu, French, German, and Spanish
  • Co-curricular activities like Yoga, Dance, Theatre, Music classes (Vocal)
  • permanent 100% best cbse online school for children, with parents having transferable jobs
  • Boundary-less India’s best online school for children that provides quality education to children living in cities where there are no or less good English schools.

School Website link: www.sunbeamworldschool.com

Contact number: +91-9711256925