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Sandeep Choudhary is on a world’s biggest mission to save earth.


Sandeep Choudhary, the Co-founder of Inflector India and Yes World Community is on the world’s biggest mission to save our planet earth. He’s primarily working on a certain green technology required to reduce carbon.

The First-ever radiant heat barrier is developed & designed through NASA for the Space Suits worn by Astronauts and it is called an ‘Inflector’.

According to research and scientists, our earth will die by the year 2040 due to extreme Global warming. Through this miracle product ‘Inflector’ we can save our earth.

Sandeep is a dynamic man and has been honored by many National and International Awards. Recently in Delhi, he has been awarded with the Best Brand and Business Award. Admired by Many Organizations who want to honor him with their Awards, he keeps himself busy 24/7 with his mission. He is not fond of taking Awards or any publicity rather his interests lie only for the better of his Country, and it comes next to all, even after his family. He has dedicated his whole life for the Nation, it’s almost natural and honorable to salute this young man.

Sandeep Choudhary was the only man from India being invited for the Japan delegation along with our dynamic and Honest PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji. He also produced a patriotic drama full-length feature film “Yeh Hai India”. Yeh Hai India film was also taken at the 70th Cannes Film Festival by the CII body of the Government of India and received huge applause.
He has been honored by Many Chief Ministers of India for his dynamic work for the nation at a very small age.

Aditi Parnaik Sharma- a multifaceted personality shares the stage with Mrs World International 2022 Finalists


Born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh in the year 1980, in an Army family, Aditi always knew she would do something to make her existence meaningful. Her purpose of life has always been helping the world in her own special way and making the ones around her, happy.

She chose to be a Mindfulness Expert, a Life- Coach, a Neurolinguistic programming Practioner, an Actor, a Writer, and also an ardent believer of the fact that everyone has a little bit of Magic! Hence, one must unleash this Magic and conquer the world, as soon as he realizes it!!
After all, life is short & time is running out so if you have a bucket list up your sleeve, just start ticking it off to make the most of your existence!

She recently got selected as a Finalist at the all-time-favorite and admired pagent- MrsWorldInternational 2022. She said the experience that she gained by way of participating in the same, gave her immense confidence as well as knowledge of how the fashion industry functions. With the renowned movers and shakers of the showbiz, taking sessions for all the hundred and eight participants for the five days they were at the JW Marriott, she thought she had the time of her life, learning excellent lessons that will sure last a lifetime.

Her family, including both her sons ( Parth,15 years, and Arshabh, 11) are extremely talented and always love to see her indulge in something new every now and then.
The love, support, and guidance of her family, friends, and kids, in particular, gives Aditi the drive to achieve every dream or aim in life that she has forever wished for, without the slightest hesitation.

Aditi also won the Prestigious Army Wives Welfare Award for looking after the well-being, safety, and security of the ladies in her area of responsibility during the difficult covid era.
These ladies had their husbands away on the front protecting the nation while they were in Pune, all by themselves ( Gurudwara Road officers enclave) It was there that Aditi, in every which way, took care to keep them happy.
She used to organize online events during those lockdown times and try making everyone smile by appreciating them for their respective achievements while participating in the above.

For her, the comfort, health, and happiness of society has perpetually been of utmost importance.
She also handled some extremely sensitive marital discord as well as transgender-related issues which gave her the courage to look beyond her own hassles in life, by making her strong, positive & steady!

Aditi wishes to be a Councelor and help the world live a better life.
“If I could do anything to bring about a smile on the faces of the ones in distress, I would consider my existence meaningful & complete.”

She also wishes to “write” more in the future about her experiences that will help others to understand how beautiful life is and that it’s never too late to live your dream.

Being a housewife could be extremely important but at the same time following your passion by striking a balance between home & your interests will take you far ahead in terms of understanding your capabilities and potential. There is nothing that is impossible or difficult to achieve. If you are determined with the grit and focus in line, everything will come to you in the right order.

So, wait no more and START YOUR SCORE TODAY!

Aditi has written a book on her experiences of how she chased her Acting dream while she was married, with both her sons, and achieved quite a bit, in the bargain.
Try reading it to know that there is nothing that one can’t do if he or she really wishes to. It’s all in the mind, hence, push it ahead and you will get there within no time at all.

Her book is on Amazon and it’s called, “She started at 34″…

Aditi also wishes to continue her acting and voice-over work. In fact, one of her voice- over Ads released in four different countries abroad while the other was for the NCL, Pune.

Apart, from the aforementioned, she has acted on the television as well as in film festival movies and has really enjoyed her time facing the camera, to the hilt.

After the pagent, she wishes to climb high and go into the mountains. Aditi mentioned her love for adventure and she plans to go for the basic as well as the advance mountaineering course at the renowned Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, in 2023. As she has already completed her level 1, adventure course she will begin with the basic this time.

We wish dear Aditi all the very best in her future endeavors. It is people like her who inspire the married women to come out of their comfort zones and achieve great heights.

Along with being a Yoga Trainer, Kalpana Sharma is also a successful model.


I am Kalpna Sharma, from Bikaner Rajasthan. I have been in the field of Yoga in Gurgaon, Haryana for the last 11 years.

I have participated in many State and National yoga competitions and won 31 gold and 3 silver medals. Along with yoga I also pursued a degree in Naturopathy, a childhood dream that has now been fulfilled.

Most people believe that if you participate in a beauty contest, you must have a few qualities such as a good height, complexion, a western lifestyle, an ideal figure, and a good command over the English language.
However, I am an example that these traits are not necessary. According to me the most important trait in participating in a beauty contest is your determination, self-confidence, and intellect, which enhances your natural beauty and I embody those qualities.

I participated in many beauty contests and earned many titles. My accomplishments include

  1. Fitness Queen of Rajasthan.
  2. MMT Top Model first Runner up.
  3. Pune Style Icon first Runner up.
  4. I was part of the jury on the occasion of Women’s day, which was held at the Constitution Club of India.
  5. Sports: Baseball National Champion
  6. Softball State Level Champion
  7. Education: Diploma in Fashion Design
  8. P. G. in Political Science, Public Administration, and yoga. Pre & Postnatal certified trainer

My primary goal is to promote yoga for everyone’s healthy life. I strongly believe in Yoga, since it’s my Passion first and Profession second.
I also have a soft corner for nature and its creation.

My father has had a great impact on my life. From him I have learned the values of hard work, maintaining healthy social relationships, and working towards your goals are key to achieving whatever your heart desires.

Mamta Jha, a plus-size model living in Dwarka, Delhi, is achieving success one after the other in the fashion & modeling industry these days.


The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.” this perfectly suits none other than Mamta Jha, who is doing wonders in her life, Mamta Jha, from Delhi a pulse size model who is already been the part of beauty pageants, fashion runways & award shows. Mamta Jha is now seen in the Newly launched MAGAZINE “ THE RAINBOW” by network Rainbow media company.
THE RAINBOW magazine covered Mamta Jha for her several achievements and felt very honoured to make her part of their magazine.
In the Magazine, Mamta Jha is seen in a very classy look with Indian and western attire. the article is also published about her. She was also the part of launching party where she got the trophy & certificate for being the last of the magazine. According to Mamta Jha “, She will keep herself motivated and confident for the future also as she crosses many paths to success.

Conquer Your Fear of Life! Here’s how this 21-year-old Entrepreneur made such an empire in business!

Raj Vikas Mishra is a 21-year-old who started his entrepreneurial journey in businesses across the Hospitality and automotive sector in India, along with the assistance of his dad and family.

A hotelier and owner of rajnandinivillaresorts, the soon-to-be director of Vmp auto fasteners Pvt. Ltd. who also has his own website https://rajnandinivilla.business.site/.

Raj’s entrepreneurial journey started young as he was always very eager to learn business, explore new things, and developed good communication with people from the very age of 15. He never dreamt of doing a 9 to 5 job and always had a passion to do and expand everything which he had working with his father from the young age of 16.

Initially, he started to work in the hospitality business and managed a villa resort situated in Lonavala hill station, entirely on his own without any experience.

There came many challenges and problems in this path during the very first stages of his career. People would laugh at him, think of him as a kid, and also underestimated and fooled him. But destiny had something else in store for him and later on, day by day new things and experiences made him learn and implement better, boosting sales and increasing profits. Furthermore, he learned Digital Marketing with the help of his channel partners and did several things on his own, which aided him to save a lot of expenses.

Raj came up with a website and social media pages worked hard on the marketing and customer’s satisfaction part and made income. He doubled and boosted the profits in a span of two years. His own resort ‘ Raj Nandini Villa resort’ had a 4.5-star rating from Justdial, got google verified and it soon became a brand and a name that everyone knew. This resort comes under the top 10 villas and resorts in Lonavala that attracts many foreign guests who all gave good feedback, such as that many large players like Oyo and Fab hotels wanted to merge and work with them.

They received the MTDC licence from the Maharashtra government and also a feature and appreciation from the Taj Campton place by Taj hotels on Instagram. The Big boss team and many well-known singers of the Bollywood industry visited the villa resort.

Now, while continuing with these businesses and also his studies side by side, he entered the automobile sector and started to work for his main business that his family had. Their home business is in fasteners manufacturing and it took him a long time to learn things and the manufacturing processes.

Looking at all the scope in the market for fastener’s requirements, after the covid period and also the boost in the electric vehicles as they themselves being the vendors of Tata Motors Ashok Leyland and Mahindra, fertilised a lot of new techniques, ideas with zesty innovation.

Raj guided his junior’s staff and employees, and started visiting companies, and meeting people and industries. He gained all the needful knowledge and experiences, then found his weaknesses, or where he was lacking behind, and started to work on them. He also added new customers, started new projects, and built clients such as BPLC (big public limited companies), completely changing the way they did business earlier. With a good amount of time, hard work, support, unity, and planning with his dad and shareholders, he has currently imported 3 new nut former machines, which has impressively made their business catch growth.

Raj is ready and looking forward to running the business and company with his dad and people in the future as well. They started manufacturing Mahindra tractor’s silencer directly in their Company Vmp Auto Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. They were recently featured in the Economic Times online Portal and are soon looking into an IPO or Listing their company in the Bombay Stock Exchange or the Share Market, making it a public limited company, which has been their goal in the next 5 years. In the near future, Raj is going to get the post of and to be appointed as a director in the company.

Presently at the age of 21, he is living a good and luxurious life. He completed his undergraduates and is now pursuing MBA postgraduates as well as working. He made his dreams and wishes come true, pays his expenses on his own, and likewise his family is Proud of him. According to Raj, a person’s age is not a limitation and one shouldn’t underestimate themselves and always do whatever they have their passion and interest in. Do whatever they love and even the sky is no limit to what anybody can achieve.

Xpert Times was founded by amazing man Jitendra Kumar Social Activist.

Xpert Times has made amazing progress in the online world. Xpert Times was founded by the amazing author and social activist Jitendra Kumar. Xpert Times are news media that work around the world, Xpert Times is an Indian English-language Media / News Company, founded on 21 October 2021, New Delhi, by Jitendra Kumar the founder of Xpert Times.

Jitendra Kumar was Born on October 10. 1990 an Indian author and activist from Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is known as a founder of Xpert Times and appointed the CEO of Times of UP news media. It became a moment of pride for the hathras community to see an Hathras-born make it to the list of the businessmen in the social marketing and Jitendra Kumar’s life story is worth a share. Jitendra Kumar lives in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, however, due to work and media organisations, Jitendra lives in New Delhi with his better half Anjali.

Jitendra started his business in New Delhi after finishing school in Hathras. Jitendra Kumar is known as the founder of the Xpert Times and CEO of the Times of UP. Jitendra Kumar also made his life easier by facing challenges. Jitendra has an interesting and active family environment and her humorous and intelligent demeanour further inspires her throughout her career. We often know Jitendra Kumar as a social worker and writer. Jitendra also wrote a book that reflects people’s attitudes toward digital marketing. The way digital marketing thinks reflects the way people think. Jitendra, however, believed that social support was the turning point in her life. Jitendra Kumar has worked with the Robin Hood Army NGO to help more people and give more.

Jitendra Kumar is known as the Web Media Master. Jitendra Kumar also received a blue mark on Facebook. Together with Umesh, Jitendra made the meeting a success. Jitendra has extensive experience and business acumen, having worked as a business manager for the past few years. Jitendra is well-known for her social media and hobbies. This made him one of the online media experts of his age.

31-year-old Techie, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur, and Artist Salman Shaikh stage name “ The Shaikhs “ who started a Tech company The webmark

Being in a digitally empowered place, we tend to be connected globally through media and other online platforms. As new businesses, startups or individuals establish their brand or product, ditching the traditional ways of promoting a brand, product or a movie idea has become too cliché in today’s advancing advertising strategies. Hence, we see a lot of online engagement in promoting a particular startup or brand through business advertisements, digital strategies, online posts, and relevant content creation in order to attract the right audience for the growth of a baby company or even the good old ones.

Finding platforms, creating the right content, and finalising various digital problems and convulsions that would kickbox your company can be a tedious task in the process. Businesses therefore usually prefer standing out with the help of digital PR relation expert companies or startups. Also, the ones with their personally experienced journey into the world of digital marketing can be a great liability to these business owners, for an accomplished man can only understand the language of the other.

With a vision of powering brands and enabling a friendly and easy space for them to form connections through media communication and expert public relation strategies, the Webmark is a digital media and advertising company which helps startups, business ( old or new), and even individuals to build a strong outlook, grow your network and increase the overall reach towards the desired audience.

Thewebmark.in focuses on the essential target that one needs to establish within the community in order to form a positive exposure and PR management. They provide expert services on Designing and developing websites, Digital strategies, Social media Branding, Ebook commerce solution, App development, and Prototyping ideas so they create a global web presence saving your time, money, and efforts that you can put into working in other areas of your company carefree.

They have worked successfully with politicians, celebrities, and business owners in terms of developing the leading technical work, such as developing/designing websites, editing and constructing graphics, banners, advertising, etc. To create and aid the future of small businesses and startups to establish their company or brand in a systematic manner, producing innovative ideas and working on completing the vision they have for your company through expert intellectual guidance and work.

Tarnisha Chakraborty won the title of Mrs India International 2022 beauty pageant


This is to inform that the publisher did not got money from Mr. JITESH ANEJA, director of NETWORK RAINBOW MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED which is operated as a Facebook/Youtube page (Delhi News Express)

This article was a paid/sponsored PR done by above company and payment is due.

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Top and famous Cyber Security Experts In India

  1. Khushhal Kaushik
  2. Saket Modi
  3. Vivek Ramachandran
  4. Trishneet Arora
  5. Ankit fadia.

Khushhal Kaushik,  is the Founder and CEO of Lisianthus Tech and Khushhal was the first India Cyber Security Expert featured in UNESCO in 2018 and his second research paper was published by UNESCO in FEB 20121. He was also honoured by the Andhra Pradesh Government for this achievement. He insisted UNESCO add His ethnicity for his research to make his motherland proud.

He has been recognized and described as India’s future of cyber security in prominent media publications by a former US Department of defence veteran and Navy analyst with 30+ years of experience and was also awarded ‘The Glory of India Award 2020′ by the Indian Achievers’ Awards Forum.

Lisianthus tech is a Gurgaon-based cyber security firm that provides specialized cyber security services such as security audit services, security assessment, training and certification, etc. in cyber ethical hacking and computer programmes.

Khushhal has been invited by the former Head of the Technology Department in the National Information Security Authority or NISA, a subdivision of the Prime Minister’s Office’s cyber security man in Israel and worked to set up a cyber security R&D lab in their country. He has given diverse presentations, lectures, and seminars on Ethical hacking and cyberspace security, one of which had been in the North-western University in Chicago and the Punjab University Amity universityManipal institute of technology, Chandigarh group of colleges, CRPF, NETGRID ministry of home affairs, Haryana Police” and many more.

Khushhal was invited In the Thirteenth International Forum “Partnership of State Authorities, Civil Society and the Business Community in Ensuring International Information Security ” to discuss topical issues of formation of international information security system. He was appointed with leading Russian and international experts who are engaged in policy making to be a part of the forum and in the round table of BRICS experts.

He is a renowned cyber security expert who has been working as the Advisor-cyber Security by BRICS CCI, which comprises of one-third of the world economy and one-tenth of the global trade. He has recently received a letter of appreciation by the Republic of Panama for mastering a case on e-mail hacking in less than half an hour.

2 Saket Modi

Saket Modi,  is an entrepreneur, cyber security expert, ethical hacker, co-founder and CEO of Safe Security (Lucideus) with 8+ years of experience providing cyber security services and an expert in ethical hacking. He’s been mentioned in Forbes magazine’s 40-under-40 and 30-under-30 lists, Entrepreneur Magazine’s 35-under-35 lists and many others.

Safe Security is an IIT Bombay based cyber security and digital business risk quantification company, which was founded by Saket in 2012 during his final year of engineering and supported by Cisco’s former Chairman and CEO John Chambers. The company provides protection to multiple fortune 500 companies with its cyber risk assessment, management and mitigation platform known as SAFE. It also provides cyber security training and services.

Saket’s company Lucideus has reached the highest market share of more than 60% providing an end-to-end cyber assessment of BHIM payments application launched by PM Narendra Modi and the UPI enabled apps such as Google payWhatsAppBookMyShow, MiPay,Yatra.com, DishTV, Truecaller, etc, and other online banking apps with mobile banking facility.

3 Vivek Ramachandran

Vivek Ramachandran, founder of a free cyber security training education portal – “Securitytube.net” is also a world-renowned cyber security expert, researcher and an evangelist who holds professional experience and fab skills in cyber security, wireless security, computer forensics, exploit research, installed systems security, compliance and e-governance.

He has written the books “Wireless Penetration Testing using Backtrack” and “The Metasploit Megaprimer” published in mid-2011. His website Security tube is one of the topmost considered websites for cyber security learning, with his videos on Assembly Language Programming, Buffer Overflows, Metasploit etc. along with other computer security researchers too, it has been a popular site with a high appreciative training audience.

Vivek has won many awards including the Microsoft’s Security expert Champion in 2006 and a ‘Team achievement Award’ by Cisco systems under his contributions to the 802.1x and Port Security modules in the catalyst 6500 series of switches at the high-end security features adopted in Enterprises. He has published research papers in the areas of DDoS, ARP Spoofing Detection and Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection Systems.

4. Trishneet Arora,

Trishneet Arora, Founder and CEO of TAC Security, Mumbai is an ethical hacking trainer, a cyber security expert, and an author of books based on ethical hacking, computer cyber security and web defence, namely “The Hacking Era and Hacking TALK with Trishneet Arora”, and “Hacking with Smart Phones”. He has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 by the Entrepreneur magazine under the Security Services Category and named under the fortune 40 under 40 2019 list of India’s Brightest Business Minds.

He’s an excellent ethical cyber hacker and practitioner who has been a part of numerous cybercrime-related investigations, for his clients such as Reliance Industries, Central Bureau of Investigation, ICICI Bank, Crime branch of Punjab and Gujarat Police, etc. and also providing training with the government and the forensic officials on cyber security knowledge.

TAC Security is a cyber security firm Trishneet found in 2013, worked with over 500 companies and is considered as one of the” Empanelled Cyber Security Auditors” for the Union Government, which directs UPI and NPCI. The company’s aim is to provide protection to corporate and organisations from unethical cyber hacking, network vulnerabilities or data theft by assessing vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services.

5. Ankit Fadia

Ankit Fadia, 36 is a self-proclaimed ethical hacker, cyber terrorism expert and an author of various best-selling books on computer and cyber security, a cyber security expert in governing computer protection and digital knowledge, who gained fame through his show ‘MTV, What the Hack!’, as one of the 8 people for MTV’s youth icon of the year 2008. He started his cyberlearning young and now he’s the best cyber security ethical hacker who has solved plenty of cybercrime-related cases.

Fadia has claimed his name at the top cyber security experts of India, being appointed as a brand ambassador for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s project of ‘Digital India’. He has been consulted and worked for several investigations concerned with National security and cyber-terrorism.

He has been consulted for diverse cyber security training and solutions from clients all over the world such as Asia, Australia and North America, working for Google, PT Cisco Systems, Citibank, Wipro, Infosys, Bangkok Public bank, Jumeirah international, Schering Ltd, and many other governmental organisations, police and corporate sectors.

He’s an author of many Computer security books and has gained a record of over 10 million copies of his book across the world, transcribed and translated into different languages such as Korean, Japanese, Polish and Portuguese. Books by Fadia have also been used as reference textbooks for students in various academic institutes across the globe.

He has also produced and provided his own customised certified cyber security training programmes and courses, one such as the “Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker programme”, which has become Asia’s largest course on cyber security certification with more than 20,000 people trained across 100+ cities in India and 40+ cities in China.

Everything you wanted to know about Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra is an ambitious train journey of discovery and transformation.  It takes hundreds of India’s highly motivated youth, especially those who are from small towns and villages in India.  This is a 15-day long, national train journey that will take you 8000 kilometers across India, to understand and build the India of smaller towns and villages through enterprise.

The vision and goal of Jagriti yatra is to create awareness and to start a movement of ‘Building India through Enterprise’. Jagriti Yatra aims to nurture 1 Lakh (1,00,000) entrepreneurs by 2022 and create 10 Lakh (10,00,000) jobs in this process.  

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

The main motto of JAGRITI Yatra is:

       “Inspire and get inspired.  Change and lead change in others.  Learn and share your life’s lessons.  Build and help build India through Enterprise.   Discover India and a new Indian inside you.  All outside the comfort of your homes, in a moving train across India ”.

     The motive itself makes Jagriti Yatra different from others.  This program will make you meet role models, change-makers, and leaders who started their journey to bring a change and make a difference in thousands of lives.  500 youngsters, selected from thousands of applicants, many from smaller towns and villages, join the Yatra every year, with the goal of creating awareness and starting a movement of ‘building India through enterprise.

     Jagriti Yatra is not like all the other programs in which the applicants will be selected on the criteria of marks rather it considers the motivations and values of the candidate. They consider the candidate’s ability to think creatively, their understanding of India’s pressing problems, and their commitment and approach to solving these.  The Yatra also seeks not only entrepreneurs but also empowers individuals who wish to build India through their professions and work spheres.

     They will definitely provide you to meet at least a role model at each destination of their journey.  The male and female yatris will be provided with 2 compartments separately in the train which is rebuilt according to their convenience where they need to stay for 15 days.  This yatra is the safest one as two fully qualified doctors also accompany them. Meals may be distributed in packets at destinations after deboarding the train. Bottled water is also provided through the regular distribution of water. No outside food is allowed on the train due to the risk of food poisoning.

    On considering all the above factors we can say that Jagriti Yatra definitely differs from others in almost all aspects.

Impact Achieved For Students and Campus

This program really benefits the students. Not only the entrepreneurs but also those who were not entrepreneurs before coming on the train are benefitted immensely from the exposure and networking opportunities presented by the Yatra. It is creating a pool of passionate youth who want to work with social enterprises and start-ups. These youth may not be ready to become entrepreneurs on Monday morning. Rather they want to gain more experience by working at social enterprises and start-ups. And then later take the path of the enterprise. This excludes around 4% of Yatris who joined entrepreneurship courses, development studies, business studies, and took fellowships such as Teach for India, Gandhi, and Piramal fellowships. What emerged to be the most helpful to the Yatris in their personal and professional pursuits are:

Exposure Entrepreneurial skills Understanding of different career choices Networking Interpersonal skills Greater understanding of multiple cultures Excellent communicators in both group presentations and one-on-one conversations Well-networked with contacts and ability to engage with a variety of audiences Resourceful and perseverant in the face of obstacles Organized and accountable for their deliverables; professional in their approach to the work at hand Committed to Jagriti Yatra’s vision and mission Independent, self-motivated, mature and responsible high achievers. So the students who get exposed to the above things can adjust to any sort of situation that occurs in their life.

Notes About How This Resource is Deployed

 To select a Yatri, they do not look at exam results rather we consider the abilities, motivations, and values of the candidate.  They consider the candidate’s understanding of India’s main problems and the commitment and approach to solving those. Interested candidates may apply online by filling up the application form the application consists of a series of essay-type questions designed to come to know about your suitability for the Yatra.  It is a subjective analysis of the raw entrepreneurial potential of a candidate by a selection panel of more than 30 experts spread across the globe.  Random interviews and reference checks are also conducted to ascertain the veracity of candidature. Facilitators’ applications are further evaluated on their professional experience and ability to communicate, coordinate and manage youth.  This is usually done through additional information in the form and an informal telephonic interview. Once your application is selected, further financial details are required if you are seeking a scholarship, to help us identify deserving candidates. Yatris selected for the Yatra can either be a ‘Participant’ or a ‘Facilitator’.

Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

The ‘Experiential learning’ provided by the Yatra exposes India’s youth to be role model enterprises.  These can be adapted and replicated in their own setting.  Jagriti Yatra has led to a deep impact on the Yatris, 40% of whom get involved in some form of business and social entrepreneurship post the Yatra experience.  The Yatra supports provides an opportunity for these nation-builders to be a part of this transformational experience.