Dr.Bhaskar from Jaipur at GT-20 summit.

In this world of wars and fights, peace and brotherhood seem to be bookish terms! The unrest all around makes it hard to believe that such scenarios can exist where people will take pride in each other’s happiness, they will support and stand by each other for the cause and value. Bridging gaps between people who are living in different regions of the world.

The GT20 (or Gnarly Troop of Twenty) is an international gathering for 20 nations’ ambassadors, diplomats, professors, scientists, doctors, judges, young leaders, CEOs of public and private companies, academicians, entrepreneurs, global leaders, and youth icons. Gnarly was Founded in 2013 to discuss policies related to international collaboration, intercultural education, and sustainable development with cooperation and humanitarian responsibilities.

Since then, the GT20 has broadened its horizons by inviting heads of government, heads of states, diplomats, and bureaucrats, as well as leaders of many organizations, to meet in summits regularly. It aims to solve climate, community, culture, and cooperation challenges that transcend beyond the scope of any single organization. Internationally working Narli Troop Foundation will organize GT-20 Summit in Delhi on 9th and 10th October 2022. Eminent personalities and social activists from 20 countries will participate in this, in the core committee of the Foundation, Dr. Bhaskar Swami, Director of Spiria Technology, Jaipur, and Digital Business Consultant has been selected.

Dr. Bhaskar has been selected as Chief Visionary Officer and Lifetime Member. Dr. Bhaskar informed that this conference will be based on 4-C (Cooperation, Climate, Community, Culture)

4C’s with GT-20 Countries


The Summit will focus on the key sector where action can make the most difference—heavy industry, nature-based solutions, cities, energy, resilience, and climate finance. 


GT20 countries to develop policies, leadership skills, partnering abilities, institutional capabilities, and build resilience in order to sustain development results.


Our Internship & Mission with Intercultural dialogue is the exchange of views and opinions between different cultures.


GT20 views this world with a curiosity that the bright daybreak of peace & brotherhood can become a reality. 

The summit will include diplomats, officials, ambassadors, doctors, scientists, engineers, youth leaders, entrepreneurs, and social workers. The welcome ceremony will be organized at MUIT, Noida by the Chief Advisor of Narli Troop, Group Captain OP Sharma, President Amarjeet Thakur, and other members. Dr. Bhaskar Swami will contribute to the GT-20 Summit 2022 as a core committee member. Dr. Bhaskar told that the next GT-20 summit will be held in London in 2023.

Dr. Bhaskar Swami is often taken as an inquisitive individual who holds an unplumed passion for technology and business but the other side of the coin is yet unturned. Being a recidivist expertise-seeker, he is someone over the bridge of just being a shrewdly smart man who loves to know how things work. Bhaskar who is a great consultant and multitasking at work is also fond of many different types of hobbies. He embosses his spare time traveling, exploring new languages, cultures, and traditions, and cheekily toying the board games.