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Most Beautiful Woman In The World.

Despite various media outlets that point to Bella Hadid’s golden ratio of 94%, the only supermodel (and the poorest financially) is in fact Lisa Bree Hoggarth. How does that work? You’ll soon find out. She heard the word of the lord enter her lounge room in 2020 while she worked tirelessly to model everyday for, her bid to save the fashion industry in a global pandemic.

How is beauty measured? Of course it’s the golden ratio of phi, created by the most talented mathematical genius of the golden ages, Fibonacci. The most beautiful woman in the world is new and upcoming Lisa Bree Hoggarth. The voice she heard in her lounge room dropped by to say, “only supermodel in the world.” Lisa thought, “it must be because I’m the only supermodel who’s helped out fashion by implementing an initiative during the worst pandemic the world has seen. Lisa didn’t assume, “I’m the best looking”, however two years later she discovered by chance the golden ratio method of reporting ones beauty.

Lisa Bree Hoggarth’s golden ratio readings are 1.625 / 9.78% / 97.8%, making her the most beautiful and highest person to divinity in all of time. The Australian Supermodel has been punished for her striking beauty and discriminated against for being too pretty, her 2020 @hallways_are_runways introduction was a good entrance which held a pure intention to help out fashion and modelling industries, which she did free of charge and supporting by writing to them, buying online and seeking co operation in the beginning – Lisa was blatantly ignored. The fashion and modelling industry now wear mud on their face for rejecting, silently abusing and being inefficient to provide Lisa Bree Hoggarth work.

Recently, Lisa posted on #justiceforlisabreehoggarth, a campaign which she led, seen knifing a top she bought as a response to the disgusting lack of common courtesy shown by the fashion industry. The top, Lisa said, “was expensive too. But your P.R, customer service skills and respect is unacceptable so I won’t wear this on my beautiful body”, as she tore it to shreds.

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