One train, 15 days, 550 yatris fumble on a journey, forming connections and business.

Vipul Sharma

 A motivational speaker, Life coach, Author, a visionary social entrepreneur and the Founder Chairman of Skill Minds Foundation, a non-profit organisation working in 3 different layers namely GET-SET-GO, with an ambition of enlightening society and overcoming the problem of poverty.

Jagriti yatra came across as such an enlightening journey among my precedents. A completely different approach to expanding your boundaries and exploring the heritage we have in India.

Focused on the themes of crafts, clothing, agriculture, health, women’s empowerment, urbanisation as well as linking entrepreneurship with nation-building, it is really an exceptional tool for the change-makers, leaders, and innovators.

Jagriti Yatra enlightens ‘Jagrit’ the passengers on an odyssey of 8000km in 15 days across India, starting from Mumbai, the film city of India. One train, 15 days, 550 Yatris, 8000 kms, 12 Role models, and 6200 Alumni begin and fuse with us on this remarkably amalgamous journey. It is one such loop of going places, that had brought communication and relation in hand, an envisioning scope for the industries of various sectors, be it business of crafts, or public-relation.

My enthusiasm towards the yatra was allegedly more inclined and enthusiastic, mainly because of being a social entrepreneur and travel enthusiast, it spiked my curiosity and delight to explore new locations, culture and people along with a quality of co-passengers aside. It provided me with an opportunity to establish a networking rink with like-minded people and environment, exchanging skills, ideas, energies and honing growth within myself.

Exploring what the Indian reigns are yet to confer in the fields of business and tech along with the marvels of nature, Jagriti Yatra was one for the masses. It empowered an intellect, calmness and confidence in me through its 15 days of detoxification. It’s similar to an educational and communicatively delightful detox, which left me with more energy, passion, interests, curiosity for the world and affection towards nature and my own self.

In my opinion, the human connection that connects us through a similar mindset and root played an essential role in bringing in and forming relationships with people across different states and sectors, learning about their approach to certain things and nurturing development in oneselves.

By Vipul Sharma