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Ownership and funding information at Story Network

At Story Network , we believe in transparency and accountability. This Ownership and Funding Information page provides details about the ownership structure and sources of funding for our news organization.

  1. Ownership: Story Network is owned and operated by Ankur Srivastava. We are an independent news organization committed to delivering accurate, unbiased, and quality journalism. Our ownership structure ensures editorial independence and safeguards the integrity of our content.
  2. Founder(s) and Leadership: Story Network was founded by Ankur Srivastava with the vision of providing reliable news and information to our readers. Our leadership team, led by Ankur Srivastava, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of journalism.
  3. Editorial Independence: We maintain strict editorial independence, meaning our editorial decisions are free from any external influence. Our journalists and editors adhere to professional journalistic standards and ethics, ensuring unbiased reporting and analysis.
  4. Sources of Funding: Story Network is primarily funded through various sources, including but not limited to:
    • Advertising: We generate revenue through the display of advertisements on our website. Advertisements are clearly marked and distinguished from editorial content.
    • Sponsored Content: We may publish sponsored content, which is clearly identified as such. Sponsored content adheres to our editorial standards and provides value to our readers.
    • Subscriptions/Memberships: We offer subscription or membership plans that provide additional benefits to our readers. These plans help support the sustainability of our news organization.
    • Grants and Partnerships: We may receive grants or enter into partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to independent journalism. These collaborations help us enhance our coverage and deliver impactful stories.
  5. Editorial Integrity: Our commitment to editorial integrity is paramount. We maintain a strict separation between our editorial and business operations, ensuring that advertisers, sponsors, or funders have no influence over our content. Our news coverage and articles are based on thorough research, reliable sources, and journalistic principles.
  6. Transparency and Accountability: We are dedicated to being transparent and accountable to our readers. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding our ownership or funding, we encourage you to reach out to us. We value the trust you place in us and strive to uphold the highest standards of journalism.

Please note that the information provided on this page is accurate as of 29/June/2023. Changes in ownership or funding sources will be updated promptly to ensure ongoing transparency.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding our ownership and funding, please contact us at

Last updated: 29/June/2023

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