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What could be a tryst when you get to have a platform for all the young artists! Raabtaa Studio Officially Launched in India by The Digital Entrepreneur Sushant Raj.

New Delhi [India], Dec 29: Amid coronavirus and lockdown stress, there is good news for young artists and music lovers.

The wait is finally over as Raabta Studio is now officially launched in India.” Raabtaa” is a brand new record label music and video production company founded by two young entrepreneurs. Sushant Raj & Nins Arora have officially launched their company in India today with New Delhi as their base of operations and global audience as their market. On this occasion, Raabtaa has announced the release of their first Punjabi track “Tareekh” on January 10 on their official channel.

Tarrekh is a Punjabi track written and sung by a young and talented singer Vineet Gaba (VNT). Along with the fresh voice, the music goes deeper into the sound of romance and connects youth. The song will be available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana, Saavan & Amazon Music, etc. Launched in 2021, Raabtaa will initially set up its base in New Delhi, as the label’s Director was from that city. Raabtaa also announced Ishika Rajput and Robin Spicky as their featuring stars for the first album.

“Tareekh” by VNT will be the label’s opening track, which is expected to receive love and tremendous response from the audience.

The official launch of Raabtaa was held at Aerocity on Sunday with Various talented Artists, Content Creators, YouTubers, Make-up Artists, Fashion & Costumes Designers participating in the mega launch. Sushant Raj (Founder, Raabtaa) said the entertainment industry may be the new talking point in middle-class India’s drawing rooms, most artists still struggle to make a living just from their creative ventures.

He said his new venture will create a support-based ecosystem for all the artists who are struggling to get their identity. He also asked everyone to focus on team building and create a network of artists with Raabtaa. Raj explained the importance of teamwork and asked to make their network their net worth.
Nins Arora ( Director, Raabtaa) also shared his strategy about future projects in which the company involves the vital roles of young creators.

With Raabtaa, Sushant holds a vision to share a platform to give Indian artists the chance to showcase their music, dance, acting, and many more artiste skills to the world simultaneously working with various artists globally.

Raabtaa is currently releasing music Tareekh on the new year, a solo project by Sushant Raj, Nins Arora, and a combined project by Ishika Rajput and Robin Spicky. The duo has been making several hits for ages. The artist already holds millions of love and support from the audience on social media.

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