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ZOHO Corp. and JEC-P to join hands to inaugurate the Digital Centre of Excellence

ZOHO Corp. and JECP to join hands to inaugurate the Digital Centre of Excellence

ZOHO Corp is a multinational web-hosting company that creates and hosts websites and web-based tools. ZOHO stands for ‘Small Office Home office’. ZOHO Corp has been a support to many multi-national companies that are on the Fortune500 list. This company has provided services for 20 years now and has gained a positive outlook towards the company.

JEC-P aka Jagriti Enterprise Centre-Purvanchal is a non-profitable firm that aids entrepreneurship in rural/non-urban areas that help the localities promote their mini-businesses in the local and urban markets.

ZOHO Corp and Jagriti Enterprise Center have joined hands to set up a Digital CoE (Centre of Excellence) in Diorea, Uttar Pradesh. The joined organization has done the groundwork to arrange 3500 local SME’s (Small-to-Medium Enterprise) and provide technical support for 20,000 other start-up companies, thereby promoting decentralized development and creation of local intellectual property.

The organization is setting up the six CoE in the new 6-acre area of JEC-P in Deoria. The six CoEs will cater to SMEs in Deoria and 15 surrounding districts, focusing on the development of Agro-processing, wealth care, digital, women, and handicraft and apparel.

Speaking at a virtual press conference, Sridhar Vembu, CEO and Co-founder, Zoho Corp. said, “We are investing in creating knowledge hubs, and promoting R&D and entrepreneurship, particularly in smaller towns and rural areas. Only by decentralizing development and tapping into the talent pool that exists in villages and small towns will we be able to develop the technological capabilities and know-how necessary for a resilient economy. While we have been undertaking such initiatives in southern India, this partnership enables us to expand them to the north as well.”

Speaking on behalf of Jagriti, Shashank Mani, Founder of JECP said, “The Jagriti Enterprise Centre-Purvanchal and this partnership for the Digital CoE will accelerate inclusive growth in Purvanchal that creates employment in this region.”

Shoaib Ahmed, Chief of JECP Digital CoE said. “Jagriti is a pioneer in focusing on enterprises in Tier 2 and Tier 3 districts. This journey started a decade back with our flagship program Jagriti Yatra, which has produced 6,000 entrepreneurs. JECP and Digital CoE are the culmination of that effort, providing those in Purvanchal a world-class center in ‘Central India’.”

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