A New-Age Startup Offering Social Media Experience To Learn Stock Trading And Investing

Stockative is already on its way to becoming India’s first social network site designed exclusively to connect regular investors and traders so they can learn, profit, and have fun.

Founder And Co-founder Duo Behind Stockative

It was a usual weekend for Hariharasudhan Sivalingam and Sourav Saha during the summer of 2019 when they discussed India’s social media landscape and how there is a pressing need for having a dedicated social media platform for stock traders and brokers. Hariharasudhan Sivalingam was the director of 360 technology a couple of years back and has recently moved to be on board with Scadea Solutions as the VP- People & Culture.

Sourav Saha has been working with 360 Technology, Bangalore where everything about technology was happening. He donned multiple hats from System Engineer at TCS to big data engineer and Technical lead at 360 technology.  

The Problem They Observed & Decided To Come Up With Their Startup- Stockative

They keenly observed that most of the successful stockbrokers and investors have a reputation to keep their observations and ideas to themselves. As a result, stock trading, commodity trading, and currency trading are still being considered the domain of committed specialists and the rich in India.

The kind of knowledge and skill set required to be a successful trader is yet to be made accessible for the common man in India who wants to leverage the power of accumulating wealth by investing wisely in share trading and the stock market. They realized the gap and decided to solve this.

That’s when after much brainstorming, they came up with their revolutionary startup idea- Stockative. A social networking platform designed exclusively for investors and traders in India. StockActive allows everyone on their platform to learn the wise investment tips from the industry leader and have fun while having an in-depth discussion about what’s happening in the world of stock trading, IPOs, investment, and trading. Now anyone can create their profile at Stockative and start learning the basics and make profits by investing in stocks that are making waves.

Stockative For Everyone

Headquartered in Bangalore with offices in Kolkata, Stockative was born in Dec 2020. Once you have your profile ready at Stockative, it allows novice and professional traders and investors alike to learn from each other, trade wisely, and earn profit.

Interactive functions at StockActive seamlessly integrated with all-the-good-things of social networking site allows traders to communicate/ chat with one another in their comments and online, study each other’s deals, what they are buying/ selling, and learn about decision-making processes.

How does Stockative work?

StockActive works wonder by giving instant access to the complex world of financial markets to novice and professional traders alike.

Anyone can create his/her profile at Stockative using their Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn credentials- which makes it pretty easy to navigate at the site. Alternatively, you can also create your login Id using your email and setting up a password.

According to Hari Siva- Founder and CEO at Stockative

“Stockative allows everyone at our platform to exchange techniques and get inspired by other’s moves. As a member of the larger social trader group at Stockative, anyone can choose to ‘follow’ another well-established trader and see where exactly they are investing.

StockActive, a social network for investors and traders is without a doubt the company that has a single aim and that is to give shape, awareness, and visibility to what we now call Social Trading.

Sourav Saha, Co-founder, and CEO at Stockative continue the discussion further-

“The biggest issue that slows down the enthusiasm for retail investors is- Trust. Without the know-how, it is difficult for beginners in the world of trading to build wealth. They are left with only two options- learn and do it themselves – a path that takes a long time and is fraught with risk – or hire an advisor who is primarily focused on serving HNI’s.

This creates a massive gap between retail investors and an expert who knows a thing or two about making sound financial decisions. This is where Stockative makes a grand entry. Providing a platform for everyone and comprehensively covers the entire value chain of stock trading”.

Stockative facilitates the interaction, allows the exchange of ideas, makes you trade wisely, and creates wealth all along the process. Stockative is a platform for the latest industry insights, for the financial news making headlines, and to keep an eye on the market pulse.

Premium Rooms At Stokative: Monetize Your Expertise

One of the key plans for Stockative future strategy is to introduce the Premium Rooms feature. Premium rooms at Stockative provide unmatched access to exclusive content, insights, and analyses from India’s top business and financial minds to everyone for a nominal fee.

When someone joins Rooms, it allows them to be a part of a tailored group that helps them invest and trade more effectively. It is a place where Influencers can monetize their expertise by giving knowledge to other investors.

Q and A with the brain behind the Stockative

Family background of the founders

The founder duo behind the Stockative is Hari Siva and Sourav Saha.

Sourav’s father is a businessman and his mother is a homemaker. His sister is a trained musician and classical singer.

Hariharasudhan Sivalingam’s father is a retired government professional and his mother is a homemaker. His elder sister works for a reputed bank in Abi Dhabi and his brother-in-law is a project engineer for a business conglomerate in Dubai.

Educational Background of the Founders1 response

Sourav Saha has completed his BTech in Electronics and communication from WBUT (Currently MAKAUT), Kolkata, West Bengal.

Hariharasudhan Sivalingam has completed his BTech in information technology from Anna University, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

What made you strike this business idea? What inspired you to start this company?

When we sit and discuss Stock Market in India, we experience that proper knowledge about the stock market, trading, and investment has been only available to a limited set of elite individuals. We strongly believe that the basics of economical education are required for everyone in our country to have access so that we can grow new entrepreneurs. Stockative is our effort to provide a social media experience to economical learning to every Indian.

What does success mean to your company?

Success for us is the high adoption of Stockative as the #1 social media platform for Financial Services. Our long-term goal is to be the LinkedIn for every individual interested in the stock market and financial Services in India

How are you performing currently?

We just launched our base product offering in Dec 2020 to the general public. We are currently focused on building a community of investors, influencers, corporate and individual networks at our platform Stockative where meaningful discussion about successful market stock trading and investing takes place.

What is the biggest risk to your company?

One of the biggest risks to our company is the slowness in bringing the communities to contribute quality content on our platform. We have just rolled out our basic product offering and we are in the process of building a robust roadmap to ensure our future growth projections.

What are your plans for the funding?

As of now, Stockative is self/friend funded and currently, we have been raising capital through our friends and family network. Having said that we would certainly be interested to discuss any future funding options with groups or individuals who wish to join our journey of empowering Indians with the much-needed learning in terms of stock trading and investing.

What is the biggest challenge you faced during your start-up setup?

One of the few challenges that we faced during our initial days of conceptualization is to finding the right talents to support our start-up. Then again, the prevailing covid situation also played a crucial obstacle and our soft launch got delayed for about three months. At present, the biggest challenge that we are facing is to have our marketing efforts bringing in desired results for us.

What does growth mean to you and your business?

Success for us to see the high adoption of Stockative as the preferred social media platform for every stockbroker and trader in India. We would certainly want to be the LinkedIn for everyone associated with providing financial service, stock trading, and investment services.

How does your product stand different from others in the market?

Stockative is the first of its kind in India to build an exclusive social media platform for stock traders and financial services (mutual funds, crypto, algo-trading).

Where are your start-up services spread?

Our strat-up service is spread across India. Anyone in India can join Stockative for free and connect with industry leaders, established stockbrokers, and traders.

What does it feel like to the founder of your start-up?

We always dreamt of bringing innovation and knowledge to the mass Indian population. More than being the founder of our start-up, we feel that we are doing our bit in terms of giving something back to society. Our continuous endeavor to promote jobs and make each other succeed with the help of our start-up Stockative is extremely satisfying for us.

How does it feel to get up every morning and getting on to work?

Stockative is something we are hugely passionate about. Getting up every morning and getting on to work for us is super exciting. This is something that drives us. Our motivation and discipline increase exponentially when we think about the long-term impact Stockative can make on communities. We are committed to empowering every Indian with the kind of knowledge and skillset required to trade and invest smartly.

Where do you see your business standing in the next 5 years?

Our vision concerning the growth trajectory of Stockative is very well-defined. We are seeing a million users subscribed to Stockative and establishing Stockative as the market leader in digital stock and crypto investments in India.

Who supported you to stand this business and how?

When we started meticulously working on our start-up idea the Stockative, our friends, family, and extended family supported us in a big way.

Currently, we have been raising capital through our friends. We are proud to be a self-family-funded start-up trying to build a complete ecosystem for Indians to help trade wisely. Anyone can sign up for free and start learning about the complex world of stock trading and investing from the industry leaders and have fun all along the process.