Anand Chandrasekaran: From Facebook to Fynd, Exploring a Director’s Inspiring Investment Journey!

Anand Chandrasekaran is a highly accomplished angel investor and technology executive, renowned as the Director at Facebook. With his deep expertise in the tech industry and strategic insights, Chandrasekaran has emerged as a key figure in the angel investment community and his entrepreneurial journey and strategic investments have made a substantial impact on the startup ecosystem.

Life Journey and Childhood:

Anand Chandrasekaran’s life journey is marked by his passion for technology and innovation. Growing up, he displayed a keen interest in computers and the potential they held for transforming the world. Chandrasekaran’s childhood experiences fueled his curiosity and set the stage for his future endeavors in the tech industry. His early exposure to technology laid the foundation for his successful career as an entrepreneur and investor.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Past Achievements:

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Anand Chandrasekaran has held key leadership roles in various tech companies. He has contributed to the growth and success of several renowned organizations. His expertise spans across areas such as product management, strategy, and business development. Chandrasekaran’s past achievements demonstrate his ability to navigate complex challenges and drive innovation in the tech sector.

Angel Investments and Total Angel Investments Made:

Anand Chandrasekaran is an active angel investor, providing critical funding and strategic guidance to promising startups. He has made notable investments in ventures such as LetsVenture, an online funding platform, Fynd, a leading fashion e-commerce platform, InnerChef, a food tech startup, Instalively, a live video streaming platform, NoBroker, a disruptive real estate platform, Wooplr, a fashion discovery app, and more.

  • His angel investments consists of 50 investments,with the latest investment Seed Round – Fold Health on Jul 11, 2022,whose contributions have significantly impacted the startup ecosystem.

Recent Investments:

Anand Chandrasekaran continues to support and nurture startups with immense potential. Some of his recent investments include:

1. LetsVenture: An online funding platform connecting startups with angel investors.

2. Fynd: A leading fashion e-commerce platform offering a wide range of clothing and accessories.

3. InnerChef: A food tech startup providing innovative culinary experiences through its app and website.

4. Instalively: A live video streaming platform enabling users to broadcast and engage with their audience in real-time.

5. NoBroker: A disruptive real estate platform that connects property owners and tenants directly, eliminating the need for brokers.

6. Wooplr: A fashion discovery app empowering users to discover and shop from a curated collection of fashion products.

Past Journey and Success Gain:

Anand Chandrasekaran’s past journey is characterized by his significant contributions to the tech industry. He has held influential roles in renowned companies, where he has led teams and spearheaded initiatives that have propelled growth and innovation. Chandrasekaran’s success lies in his ability to identify emerging trends, navigate market challenges, and leverage technology to drive business success.

Entrepreneurial and Investment Philosophy:

Anand Chandrasekaran’s entrepreneurial and investment philosophy revolves around identifying disruptive ideas, backing visionary founders, and supporting startups with a clear path to scalability and market impact. He values innovation, customer-centricity, and the potential for transformative change in the businesses he invests in.

Anand Chandrasekaran’s journey from his early interest in technology to becoming a respected angel investor and tech executive reflects his commitment to driving innovation and supporting entrepreneurial ventures. His strategic investments and mentorship have played a pivotal role in the success of numerous startups.

  • Chandrasekaran’s extensive experience and industry knowledge continue to shape the tech landscape, and his entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors alike.


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