From battling depression to becoming an successful Entrepreneur

Pallavi Bardey was born in a middle class family in a small town in Maharashtra with a dream of becoming a doctor. She used to work very hard, always score top marks in her class, She was bright in studies during her school times and always stood 1st in class. During her 10th class, even though, she has to do all the household work, but still managed to be a Centre topper in her board exams and was felicitated by education officer for the same.

Later the things went not well, she started getting less marks and started going into depression. She started neglecting studies and later use to cry why she did not revised during exams.

Somehow she cleared her 12th class and later pursued her degree in computer science but during graduation same thing continued. She battled with depression and exam phobia for almost 6 to 7 years without any medication. She completed her graduation, but what next, she was not prepared. She stopped talking with people and liking anything. While many of her colleague were preparing for bank exams and other jobs, but she did not feel like doing it. Her depression turned into bipolar she lost interest in day today life. She was unable to do anything and her family was scared to take to any psychiatrist. During this phase she had become spiritual and started gaining knowledge about psychology later on she found a good doctor and started getting treatment. And thereafter, she started getting back to life gradually.

What to do next was a hurdle for her. The dream of becoming a doctor has shattered badly, but had an internal urge of doing something good and great was still there. She says, “We are never too old to set a new goal and if one dream fails go for the other but never stop dreaming”.

While searching for job vacancies she saw that there were lot of job openings for seo, she researched about it and went for doing a course in Digital Marketing also worked along with a few companies to get some practical exposure.

She also worked as a digital marketing trainer in various companies in pune. Where she had also come across some institute who promises but does not provide proper practical knowledge to students. To solve this issue she thought of starting an ed-tech company which will emphasize on practical training and provide placements.

With this started another dream of becoming an entrepreneur. she always had in mind that she has to start her own company one day.

With the thought of doing something of her own, she become freelancer and provides the service of Digital Marketing, later started her own digital marketing company “Teqnoweb IT Services” in Nagpur.

Teqnoweb IT Services in Nagpur which provides seo, social media, Google adwords, and website designing services to businesses. A year later, she also started an edtech company “Digiplus Academy” which focuses on practical training rather than theoretical.

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