From Pitch to Peace: Sarvesh Shashi’s $14.1M Wellness Breakthrough

In an extraordinary narrative of determination and reinvention, Sarvesh Shashi, a former cricketer hailing from Tamil Nadu, redirected his aspirations from the cricket pitch to the domain of wellness entrepreneurship. Shashi’s unconventional path, marked by resilience and vision, led to the creation of a wellness empire valued at an impressive $14.1 million (approximately Rs 117 crore).

1. Cricket to Wellness: Shashi’s Pivotal Decision

Sarvesh Shashi, once poised to chase his Indian Premier League (IPL) dreams as a cricketer, made a pivotal decision that reshaped his destiny. Opting out of the cricketing sphere, he chose the unconventional path of becoming a yogi and entrepreneur, setting the stage for a remarkable journey.

2. Wellness Empire Valuation: A Testament to Success

Shashi’s wellness companies, Sarva and Diva Yoga, have not only flourished but have also garnered a substantial valuation of $14.1 million. This financial milestone reflects the success of his endeavors and the resonance of his vision within the wellness industry.

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Sarvesh Shashi, Founder & CEO, Zorba Yoga Location: Zorba Yoga studio. 5th floor, E’ Square, CTC No. 458, 517, Subhash Rd, Vile Parle East. Date: 15/03/18 Photo by Aditi Tailang

3. Celebrity Endorsements and Investments

The wellness empire built by Shashi has not gone unnoticed in the celebrity circles. Renowned personalities like Alia Bhatt and Yami Gautam, drawn to Shashi’s vision, have become notable students. Moreover, Bollywood figures such as Malaika Arora, Shahid Kapoor, and Mira Kapoor have actively supported Shashi’s wellness ventures. Aishwarya Rajinikanth and Jennifer Lopez, among other celebrity investors, have recognized the potential within Sarva and Diva Yoga, contributing to their significant growth.

4. Sarva and Diva Yoga: The Journey Beyond Physical Studios

Shashi’s foray into the world of yoga commenced unexpectedly when his father, initially enrolled in a foundational class, passed the opportunity to him. Together, father and son established three physical studios in Chennai, aiming to provide holistic wellness solutions rooted in yoga principles.

Expanding their reach beyond physical spaces, Shashi’s enterprises ventured into the digital realm by developing a virtual lessons app. This strategic move enabled them to reach a broader audience, aligning with the evolving trends in the wellness and fitness landscape.

5. Funding Success: Industry Confidence in Shashi’s Vision

The industry’s confidence in Shashi’s ventures is evident in the significant funding they have secured. With a total funding of $12.1 million, Sarva and Diva Yoga have positioned themselves as noteworthy players in the wellness sector. This financial backing underscores the belief in Shashi’s ability to redefine the wellness landscape.

6. Yogic Principles: Shashi’s Lifestyle Commitment

Shashi’s commitment to yogic principles extends beyond his business endeavors. He lives by the five vows of non-violence, non-intoxication, celibacy, truthfulness, and abstention from mental or physical theft. This commitment to a yogic lifestyle adds depth to Shashi’s leadership in the wellness industry.

7. Bravery in Choices: IPL Opportunity Foregone

Despite being on the verge of realizing his dream to play in the IPL, having been selected by two teams, Shashi bravely chose to forego the cricketing opportunity. This decision, fueled by a larger vision for wellness and yoga, exemplifies Shashi’s courage in making choices aligned with his true calling.

Conclusion: Shaping the Wellness Landscape

Sarvesh Shashi’s journey from cricket to wellness mogul stands as a testament to the transformative power of vision and determination. His wellness empire, valued at $14.1 million, reflects not only financial success but also the impact of holistic wellness rooted in yogic principles. As Sarva and Diva Yoga continue to thrive, Shashi’s story inspires a generation to pursue unconventional paths, redefine success, and prioritize holistic well-being in the modern world.

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