Inspired by senior living projects in Singapore, Vachani founded Antara Senior Living in 2012 after extensive research

Tara Vachani: Transforming Senior Living in India with AntaraInheriting a legacy of entrepreneurial excellence, Tara Vachani has carved her own path in the business world, driven by a vision to revolutionize senior living in India.

Born into the illustrious family of Analjit Singh, the founder and chairman of the Max Group, Vachani was destined to follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, but she chose to make her own mark through innovation and determination.

The Max Group, a multinational conglomerate with a revenue of approximately $4.5 billion, provided Vachani with a robust foundation in business. She began her education in Delhi before moving to the United Kingdom for higher studies. However, it was a serendipitous visit to Singapore that altered her course. Enchanted by the city, she decided to pursue her university education there, a decision that would later influence her business ventures profoundly.

Upon completing her studies, Vachani returned to India, recognizing the vast opportunities and support her homeland offered. She joined the corporate development team at Max Group, immersing herself in the complexities of business strategy and mergers and acquisitions. This role was her initiation into the corporate world, laying the groundwork for her future entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Genesis of Antara Senior Living

The idea of launching a senior living community struck Vachani during a business trip to Singapore. Fascinated by the potential of this sector, she embarked on a rigorous research journey in 2010. Vachani visited over 30 senior living projects worldwide, studying their models and understanding their nuances. This intensive research culminated in the birth of Antara Senior Living in 2012, a novel concept in the Indian market.

Antara was envisioned as a premium senior living community, designed to cater to the needs and aspirations of the elderly. However, bringing this vision to life was fraught with challenges. Gaining regulatory approvals and managing construction were significant hurdles. Yet, the most formidable challenge was selling the concept and educating the market about its benefits. In a country where senior living communities were a relatively new concept, convincing people of their value required persistent effort and strategic communication.

Overcoming Challenges and Building TrustVachani credits her father, Analjit Singh, for instilling in her the values of commitment, hard work, and the importance of maintaining relationships. His belief that business management cannot be taught but must be learned on the job significantly shaped her approach to her venture. Under his guidance, she navigated the complex landscape of starting a new business, learning valuable lessons along the way.

Despite the immense pressure of realizing her dream project, Vachani’s resolve remained unwavering. She was committed to creating a community that not only provided top-notch facilities but also fostered a sense of belonging and well-being among its residents. Her vision was to redefine senior living by offering a lifestyle that combined comfort, care, and an active social environment.

Leading Antara and BeyondToday, as the Executive Chairperson of Antara Senior Living, Tara Vachani has successfully established the community as a benchmark in the sector. Antara is now synonymous with high-quality senior living, offering residents a holistic environment where they can lead fulfilling lives.

The community provides a range of services, including healthcare, recreational activities, and wellness programs, tailored to meet the diverse needs of its residents.In addition to her role at Antara, Vachani serves as the Vice Chair of Max India Limited, the parent organization of Antara Senior Living. Max India boasts a market capitalization of Rs 914 crore and is a key player in the Indian healthcare and insurance sectors. Her leadership at Max India further demonstrates her ability to steer large organizations towards growth and success.

A Vision for the FutureVachani’s journey from an aspiring student to a prominent business leader exemplifies the power of resilience and innovation. Her ability to identify and seize opportunities, coupled with her commitment to her values, has enabled her to overcome significant challenges and establish a thriving business. As Antara continues to grow, Vachani remains focused on expanding its reach and enhancing its offerings, ensuring that more seniors can benefit from the unique lifestyle it offers.

Under her stewardship, Antara is set to lead the transformation of senior living in India. Vachani’s vision goes beyond just providing a place to live; she aims to create vibrant communities where seniors can enjoy their golden years with dignity and joy. Her success is a testament to the fact that with the right blend of passion, perseverance, and strategic thinking, one can turn even the most challenging ideas into reality.


Tara Vachani’s story is an inspiring narrative of how an individual can leverage their heritage while carving out their own niche. Her entrepreneurial journey with Antara Senior Living showcases her ability to blend innovation with tradition, creating a lasting impact on the senior living sector in India. As she continues to lead and inspire, Vachani exemplifies the essence of modern entrepreneurship – driven by a vision to make a difference and the tenacity to see it through.


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