Inspired by Traditional Banking Challenges, Smriti Aimed to Create a Smarter Banking Solution For the Mobile Generation.

In the dynamic world of fintech, Smriti Tomar stands out as a beacon of innovation and leadership. As the founder and CEO of Stack Wealth, India’s first mobile banking platform, Tomar has been instrumental in reshaping how the new generation interacts with their finances. Her journey, marked by a blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial zeal, reflects a commitment to making banking smarter, more personalized, and accessible to everyone.

Smriti Tomar is a standout innovator and leader. As the founder and CEO of Stack Wealth, she is changing how young people in India manage their money. Stack Wealth is India’s first mobile banking platform, designed to make banking easier and more personal.

Early Career and Inspiration

Before starting Stack Wealth, Smriti worked in various roles that gave her a deep understanding of finance and technology. She began as a data analyst at EXL Services, focusing on Citibank’s operations in Latin America. This job helped her understand global banking and finance.

She also worked at Appointy Software Inc., a company that provides booking software for professionals worldwide. There, she learned about marketing and business development, skills that would later help her build Stack Finance.

Building Stack Wealth

Smriti’s vision for Stack Wealth came from seeing the problems in traditional banking. She wanted to create a smarter banking platform that fits the needs of the mobile generation. Stack Wealth helps users automate their savings and investments, making financial management easier and more fun.

Under her leadership, Stack Wealth has become known for its user-friendly interface and innovative features. The platform offers personalized financial advice and automates routine tasks, helping users save time and make better financial decisions.

Overcoming Challenges

Starting a new business is never easy, and Smriti faced many challenges along the way. However, her background in data analysis and business development helped her navigate these obstacles. By focusing on creating a valuable product and listening to user feedback, she built a strong foundation for Stack Wealth.

Empowering Women in Business

Smriti is also a strong advocate for women in business. She believes in creating opportunities for women to succeed and often speaks about her experiences in the tech industry. Through her work and public speaking, she inspires other women to pursue careers in technology and entrepreneurship.

Looking Ahead

The future looks bright for Stack Wealth under Smriti’s leadership. She plans to expand the platform’s features and reach more users. Her goal is to make financial management simple and accessible for everyone, using technology to empower people to take control of their finances.


Smriti Tomar’s journey from a data analyst to the CEO of Stack Wealth shows the power of innovation and determination. By creating Stack Wealth, she is not only building a successful company but also transforming how people manage their money. Her story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the impact one person can have on an industry.


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