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Nature is all giving, and all foods are healthful and restorative to humans. Let’s reflect- We are constantly eating food for energy, but how often is the food nutritious and can help boost overall health?

Keeping this in mind, Sursona Foods was birthed when we realized how important nutrition is for the growth and development of children. The quality of food we get is deteriorating, and it is difficult for people to constantly eat clean and healthily. As adults, our diets need to be enriched with nutritionally dense meals but we are not always able to procure fresh veggies and prepare wholesome meals throughout the day.

Almost 7 out of 10 children throw tantrums and are not open to eating vegetables and salads. Mothers are involved in a full-time circus to get their kids to eat good food, and the worst part is our little picky eaters tend to miss out on a whole lot of nutrition. Children who eat less healthy food ultimately end up filling their stomachs with snacks and tons of fruit drinks, which are practically just sugar. 

Nutrition is vital at all stages of life- childhood, adulthood, during and after gestation, and geriatrics. As adults, we are constantly busy, and thus getting the correct nutrition for every meal can get challenging. Bridging the gap between their nutritional intake and nutritional requirements becomes essential as the right kind of nutrition is important for the linear growth of children, cognition development, bone health, and energy levels.

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Sursona vegetable powders is crafted to enhance your everyday meals easily! With so many chemically laden veggies and plants, and adulterations, our overall health and immunity have taken a hit. Sursona Foods is in constant contact with farmers, where vegetables and fruits are grown with absolutely zero chemicals, and we proudly recruit our veggies and flowers organically. Sursona foods believe in chemical-free foods, and hence the products have no chemicals, no preservatives, and no thousands of ingredients. Sursona vegetable powders are as fresh and simple just like your vegetables. This helps enhance your meals with vitamins, minerals, and fibers, naturally.

Vegetable powders are not a replacement for fresh vegetables and plants but instead, a booster, an add-on. Moreover, these are ten times more nutritionally concentrated! Sursona vegetable powders can help you manage the time spent in pre-planning or cutting or soaking in advance. We aim to increase the nutrition of your everyday meals conveniently.

Sursona has developed 5 amazing products- Sursona Beetroot power, Sursona Pumpkin fruit power, Sursona Blue pea power, Sursona Moringa power, and Sursona Spinach power. But this does not end here, 2 exciting upcoming products include- Raw Banana powder and Banana stem powder! That’s why believe us when we say that Sursona Beetroot powder combined with spinach powder will help increase your hemoglobin levels naturally! All our other powders mentioned above have striking benefits and can enhance the nutritional density of your meals. You can check them out here https://www.sursonafoods.com/

How to use Sursona powders?

Add a few spoons to your everyday meals while preparing meals and mix them well. Add your favorite Sursona powder to doughs and make roti, chapati, puri, and parathas. You can add them to shakes, bhajis, pancakes, and all south Indian batters. It will not change the taste of your meals as well.

For example – Simply add 4 teaspoons of Sursona beetroot powder to the flour prepared for 4 people, and your dough enriched with the nutrition of beetroot will be ready in 2 mins, voila!

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Let’s fight nutritional deficiencies naturally with Sursona vegetable powders made with love from our hard-working farmers and our female-led team passionate to deliver good food and nutrition!

Get back to your cooking skills and experiment with these powders, make your meals not just colorful, but also healthy.

You can go through our vegetable powders on the website now! – https://www.sursonafoods.com/