Mykare Health: Revolutionizing Patient Experience and Empowering Small and Medium Hospitals in India’s Healthtech Space

Mykare Health, a pioneering healthtech startup, is making waves in the healthcare industry by providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for patients seeking treatments and elective surgeries. With a focus on transparent pricing, quality care, and convenience, Mykare Health is transforming the patient journey.

Founders Rahmatulla TM, Joash Philipose, and Senu Sam envisions building India’s largest asset-light affordable hospital network through Mykare Health. Currently operational in 12 South Indian cities, the startup aims to address the challenges faced by underserved patients in accessing affordable and reliable healthcare.

Enhancing Patient Experience:

Having held leadership positions at esteemed hospitals such as Apollo and Gleneagles Global, Sam recognized the difficulties faced by unprepared patients in finding suitable procedures at affordable prices. Inspired by a personal experience when his father required surgery, Sam decided to tackle these challenges head-on. Mykare Health was established with the aim of improving patient experience, access, and outcomes. The startup’s comprehensive framework spans from initial consultation to postoperative care, ensuring a smooth and supportive journey for patients.

Comprehensive Services:

Mykare Health offers a range of services designed to cater to patients’ diverse needs. The startup assists in researching and selecting specialist doctors and quality hospitals, provides zero-cost EMI options for financial flexibility, and offers end-to-end operational support for prompt and reliable healthcare services. The core focus of Mykare Health is planning and managing elective surgeries across various disciplines, including orthopedic and vascular care, urology, proctology, laparoscopic procedures, ophthalmology, and cosmetic surgery.

Hyperlocal Approach and Expansion:

Operating primarily in Tier 1 and 2 cities in South India, Mykare Health adopts a hyperlocal approach, ensuring that patients can access healthcare services conveniently within their vicinity. Sam explains that around 99% of their patients are locals, residing within a 10-kilometer radius of their network hospitals. However, the platform also caters to patients from different cities and towns. Presently, Mykare Health operates in 12 Indian cities, including Pune, Kochi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Visakhapatnam.

Impressive Growth and Funding:

Within just one year of its launch, Mykare Health has established a network of over 100 hospitals and 4,500+ beds. The startup has grown rapidly, now boasting a team of 75 professionals who have successfully managed over 3,100 surgeries and conducted 3,500+ preventive health check-ups, benefiting more than 85,000 users. Adopting an asset-light model, Mykare Health shares revenue with its partner hospitals, fostering a collaborative and sustainable ecosystem.

In June 2023, the startup secured $2.01 million in seed funding from prominent investors, including OnDeck ODX (US), Avaana Seed, Huddle, Endurance Capital, F Health, Stanford Angels, Phoenix Angels, and notable angel investors such as Ajit Mohan (former MD, Meta India), Nitish Mittersain (joint MD, Nazara Technologies), and Arjun Vaidya (founder, Dr. Vaidya’s), among others. This funding will be utilized to further enhance the overall patient experience and strengthen talent acquisition efforts.

Future Outlook:

Mykare Health’s dedication to revolutionizing the patient experience and empowering small and medium hospitals positions it as a key player in India’s healthtech landscape. By leveraging technology and strategic partnerships, the startup is bridging the gap between patients and quality healthcare services, particularly in underserved areas. With ambitious plans for expansion and an unwavering commitment to affordable and reliable healthcare, Mykare Health is poised to make a lasting impact in the industry, improving access to care and enhancing patient outcomes.


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