Preserving Humanity through Healing: Dr. Varsha Ghawalkar’s Selfless Journey as a Homeopath.

Dr. Varsha Ghawalkar, a homeopathic physician based in Bangalore, has gained recognition for her exceptional dedication to humanity and passion for her work. Her selfless acts of healing and comforting have touched the lives of numerous individuals, making her a true inspiration in the medical community.

The extraordinary journey of Dr. Varsha Vishal Ghawalkar, a practitioner who has gone above and beyond to serve society at large.

Dr. Ghawalkar was deeply intrigued by a particular behavior she noticed among her patients when she started her practice. Many of them had either undergone ineffective treatments or exhausted their financial resources in pursuit of relief.

To her surprise, their primary concern was not their ailments or chronic issues but rather the cost of consultations and treatment. This observation troubled Dr. Ghawalkar, leading her to contemplate a solution.

Driven by her compassionate nature and desire to help others, Dr. Ghawalkar made a profound decision—she would no longer charge any consultation fees for her patients. Since making this commitment, Dr. Ghawalkar has never looked back.

For the past nine years, this young homeopathic physician, who also serves as a counselor, has been providing free consultations to all her patients. During the challenging times of the pandemic, she went a step further by distributing over 7,000 sachets of homeopathic medicine to those in need.

Experience reflection

Reflecting on her experiences, Dr. Ghawalkar highlighted the unfortunate consequences of inaccuracies in the medical system, misdiagnosis, financial burdens, and other factors that lead patients to lose faith and abandon their treatment. Her primary goal is to restore that faith by offering quality treatment while building trust and instilling confidence in her patients.

  • Dr. Ghawalkar’s expertise extends to the treatment of conditions such as psoriasis and varicose veins without resorting to surgery.
  • Additionally, she has dedicated herself to addressing mental health issues, particularly in women and children.
  • Her compassionate care encompasses conditions such as Autism, ADHD, genetic disorders, and Schizophrenia.
  • Under the guidance of Dr. Meena Patki, Dr. Ghawalkar currently treats 17 children with Autism.

She firmly believes that prioritizing mental health is essential for an individual’s overall development and well-being. Any disturbance in the harmony of mental health, caused by trauma or stress, can lead to mental illness. Dr. Ghawalkar advocates for a calm and peaceful mind, as it plays a crucial role in cultivating a constructive personality.

Achievements and contributions

Dr. Ghawalkar’s outstanding contributions have garnered recognition and appreciation from various organizations.

  • She received the Rashtriya Gaurav award in 2019 and an appreciation award from SAK Samaj, Gulbarga.
  • In addition, she has been mentioned in the Nations Pride Book Of Records 2020 as a Social Activist and,
  • was honored with the Corona Warrior award by SAK Samaj, Nashik, for her exemplary services during the pandemic.
  • Notably, Dr. Ghawalkar has also provided treatment to members of the armed forces and their families.

Values and aim

Dr. Ghawalkar emphasizes the immeasurable value of witnessing a smile on a patient’s face, accompanied by renewed hope. While modern treatment often focuses on alleviating symptoms, Dr. Ghawalkar believes in understanding the patient holistically, delving into the origin and pathogenesis of the disease before initiating treatment.

As a counselor, Dr. Ghawalkar imparts valuable advice to live life with a determined and focused mindset, likening it to being a player on a grand stage. Regardless of external factors or distractions, one must remain steadfast in their goals. She encourages everyone to prioritize happiness, good health, and, above all, the preservation of humanity.

Dr. Varsha Ghawalkar’s journey as a homeopath and her unwavering commitment to humanity serve as an inspiration to us all. Her decision to provide free consultations, her dedication to mental health, and her efforts to expand healthcare access for the underprivileged demonstrate her genuine compassion and desire to make a difference.

Dr. Ghawalkar’s story reminds us of the power of love, empathy, and selflessness in the field of medicine, and her impact on the lives of her patients is immeasurable.


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