Social Artisans and craftsmen get back to work with Sybersify

Supplying the needful to the children and women are some of the works of non-profit organizations. Organizing blood donation campaigns to help blood banks collect blood for the patients who drift to blood banks in an emergency and at crucial points of life. Providing sanitary napkins to bestow importance to women’s health and help maintain hygiene. Students are provided with teaching campaigns to gather their interest in studies and the importance of studies. Working fields of NGOs also include providing support in times of emergency and social drift. The Corona pandemic is one such example where they worked to provide masks and sanitizers. The second wave of pandemics hit hard and in this crucial time, people were helped by the foundation. Food packets were distributed for free, daily essentials were also distributed during the lockdown door-to-door.

Sybersify foundation aims to provide all the services provided by any NGO for society’s development but at the same time, it aims to make the pandemic hit people independent by providing them with a little support to restart and reboot. Every small business owner, street vendor, and the hard worker will gain value and importance, their products will reach a wider audience and cater support and success to small people. It will provide them with a big platform where the small startups and owners will gain a bigger market and will be able to make money.

Working to provide services and help to a larger audience in executing projects which can promote the welfare of people and society. An organization catering to provide services working non-profitably addressing various concerns and issues prevailing in the society with different sections of people. Providing basic and crucial assistance is the ultimate aim and vision of non-profit organizations. Catering services for the welfare of deprived classes and also for developing societies and spreading a word of reformation and development is just.

Sybersify foundation will amplify local and street vendors’ voices by providing them the platform to market and gather power and confidence. This gained power and confidence will boost the sales of vendors and people will get the taste of local people around them. Locals and the local market will experience a wave of transformation, a striking change will hit everyone. Small craftsmen who use their inherited talent to carve the best pieces. Craftsmen are the people who keep the art and culture of a region alive with skills and art pieces.

Preserving art, culture, and tradition along with the identity of the vendor Sybersify foundation is supporting the market and society of small people to gain importance and work. Working for the cause of help will provide a place for philanthropists, service providers, and many more people to reach their dreamed destination. Evident examples of the vision of the people have been taken into consideration before bringing this initiative to the table. Excessive growth and marketing will be the key elements of Sybersify Foundation.

NGOs help one to connect with problems, students are inspired to give services at the NGOs which will help in emotional as well professional development. Working with different people and exploring different categories of work is something which one craves for. To suffice in this big round world one must understand the formulation of service and types of people, it helps in the future when looking out for opportunities and resumes. Social services will cater to the audience as well as the payout for the welfare of society and vendors.

The Sybersify foundation team came up with such an idea to bring small vendors up in the market and experience the revolutionizing wave of startups and entrepreneurs. Akshansh Agrawal a marketing expert and his partner Harsh Lahori are open to such ideas for the growth of society and reformation. One can reach out to Sybersify foundation in Uttrakhand and get their business to market with lime-light and make it vocal.