Suraj Pagar- A Passionate Entrepreneur Aiming At Changing The Traditional Interior Design Approach 360 Degrees.

Mumbai-based Modularhomez helping people with home renovations and interior designing to get a feel of their desired home setting up a home is no longer a problem. Today home décor is a reflection of their personality.

From designing and executing to deliver the final product, Modularhomez is attracting more customers in the sector, while creating a chunk of opportunities for fresh talent.

Suraj Pagar the co-founder of Modularhomez who decided to take the responsibility and went ahead with passion and determination to grow. Suraj completed his civil engineering from Pune and has also worked in the real estate developer segment, later on, opted for MBA in construction project management in the 2018-20 batch.

Shailesh Bhokare is the technical head and the co-founder of this home designing brand Modularhomez.

The initial idea came from the modern scenario and the need for interior designing where the companies in the market are offering excellent designs yet operating traditionally. Many people are involved in decorating and designing a home, from the carpenter to the designer, and they are all scattered over the city. Suraj and his team saw this as an opportunity and decided to bring all of these elements together under one roof.

The main goal was to make the home decorating process more user-friendly, giving customers the greatest experience possible. Designers across three cities including Mumbai, Pune, and Nasik.

Modular homes are emerging as a strong player in the home interiors industry which is an out-of-the-box company concept that aims to eliminate all physical and stressful visits for interior design projects.  Modular homes are bootstrapped and a team of 8-10 experts working tirelessly to manage everything and fulfill all of the customer’s wishes for their dream home projects

Modular homes are currently running positive cash flows and are earning good revenue and planning to become more profitable by 2021.

Customers may get better and affordable prices to meet the professionals, preview designs, and get estimates from the company, making it a one-stop home solution. The next step on the road map is to broaden the company model’s reach and base. Suraj and his team are intending to take the idea to a higher level in the future because it has exceptional potential in the design area.

The services are divided into three major groups. The first category, Modular Products, includes kitchens, wardrobes, and storage, while the second category, F&D, includes furniture and home decor, as well as the remaining services. It is a one-stop shop for all of your home’s needs. They deliver all information on your dashboard without the stress of physical operations or leaving the house. Items of decor are shown on the website as catalog and photographs, as part of the e-commerce ecosystem. The approach focuses on connecting the three essential dots of each home decor project: the designer, vendors, and the customer.

Throughout the project, the company maintains complete openness. Transparency is maintained throughout the process, from conceptualization to finalizing quotations and other items; even the smallest information is displayed on your dashboard and can be viewed at any moment.

The main issue was finding an acceptable founder who shared Suraj’s excitement and dedication; coming from a non-tech engineering background, this was a huge concern for him. He was the first member of his family to venture into the world of business and risk. In his house, he was the key to the business sector. A wide range of difficulties stand in the way of growing a business and making it long-term sustainable, Suraj faced numerous challenges while this remarkable idea was still in its development.

Also, because the idea is a complete blend of design and innovation, striking on the easiest way to make home decor a cherishing experience, executing and shaping a completely new concept.

“The minute you’re ready to give up, a miracle is generally just around the corner.”

Suraj noted that motivation is not a goal, but rather a continual process of working hard with a high-energy team investing hours to turning a concept into a fully functional firm this is the true force that motivates people to give their best every day.

“Follow Your Passions, and Success Will Follow,” is another crucial point to remember.

In its true sense, success is the accomplishment of a desired goal or objective that you are enthusiastic about. Being passionate fuels the desire to never give up, to persevere in the face of adversity, and to forge our own path. Passion is a source of energy that propels us forward in life.