Top 10 Real Estate Tech Startups Revolutionizing the Indian Market

Real estate tech, also known as proptech (property technology), refers to the application of technology and innovation to the real estate industry. It encompasses a wide range of technological solutions and platforms designed to improve various aspects of real estate, including buying, selling, renting, property management, construction, and more.

The integration of technology in the real estate sector has transformed traditional practices, making them more efficient, transparent, and accessible. Real estate tech startups and companies leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, and blockchain to drive innovation and enhance the real estate experience for buyers, sellers, agents, investors, and other stakeholders.

Here are some key areas where real estate tech is making an impact:

Property Search and Listing Platforms: Online platforms and mobile apps have emerged that provide comprehensive databases of available properties, allowing users to search, compare, and evaluate listings based on their preferences and requirements.

Property Management and Operations: Technology has improved property management processes, including rent collection, tenant screening, maintenance tracking, and communication between landlords and tenants. Automated systems streamline operations and reduce manual tasks.

Virtual Tours and Visualization: Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies enable virtual property tours, allowing potential buyers or renters to explore properties remotely. This enhances the property viewing experience and saves time for both parties.

Real Estate Investment and Crowdfunding: Online platforms have facilitated real estate investment and crowdfunding, enabling individuals to invest in properties or real estate projects with lower entry barriers.

Data Analytics and Market Insights: Advanced data analytics tools and platforms provide valuable market insights, trends, and predictions, assisting real estate professionals and investors in making informed decisions.

Smart Homes and IoT: Internet of Things devices and smart home technology have made homes more connected and efficient. They enable automation, energy management, security systems, and enhanced living experiences.

Construction Technology: Innovations such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), construction management software, and robotics are improving construction processes, reducing costs, and enhancing productivity.

Real estate tech has the potential to disrupt and transform the industry, driving efficiency, transparency, and convenience. It aims to address pain points, simplify transactions, and improve user experiences. The adoption of real estate tech solutions is growing rapidly, and it continues to shape the future of the real estate industry.

Top 10 Real Estate Tech Startups Revolutionizing the Indian Market


Founders: Amit Kumar Agarwal, Akhil Gupta, Saurabh Garg

CEO: Amit Kumar Agarwal

Year: 2014

Impact: NoBroker is a leading peer-to-peer property listing platform that eliminates the need for brokers in property transactions, making it more convenient and cost-effective for users.

Services: Property listing, tenant and owner verification, rental agreements, property management tools.

Targeted Audience: Property owners, tenants, and home seekers.


Founder: Lalit Mangal, Vikas Malpani, Sumit Jain

CEO: Sumit Jain

Year: 2007

Impact: CommonFloor is an online real estate platform that connects property seekers with builders, agents, and individual owners. It provides a comprehensive database of property listings and offers various services for buyers, sellers, and tenants.

Services: Property search, property listing, property management, and community management.

Targeted Audience: Property buyers, sellers, tenants, builders, and agents.

Founder: Rahul Yadav, Advitiya Sharma, Abhishek Anand, Ravish Naresh, Sanat Ghosh

CEO: Dhruv Agarwala

Year: 2012

Impact: is an online platform that provides verified property listings, advanced search tools, and neighborhood information. It focuses on simplifying the property search process and offers innovative solutions for property buyers and renters.

Services: Property search, property listing, rental management, and home loans.

Targeted Audience: Property buyers, renters, and sellers.


Founder: Dhruv Agarwala, Kartik Varma, Prashan Agarwal

CEO: Dhruv Agarwala

Year: 2011

Impact: PropTiger is a digital real estate brokerage platform that offers end-to-end services for property buyers, including property search, site visits, negotiations, home loans, and post-sales support. It aims to simplify the home-buying process.

Services: Property search, real estate advisory, home loan assistance.

Targeted Audience: Property buyers and investors.

Square Yards

Founder: Tanuj Shori

CEO: Tanuj Shori

Year: 2013

Impact: Square Yards is a technology-enabled real estate brokerage firm that provides a wide range of services for property buyers and investors. It offers personalized assistance, market research, and property management solutions.

Services: Property search, real estate advisory, property management, home loans, and investment opportunities.

Targeted Audience: Property buyers, investors, and NRIs (Non-Residential Indians).


Founders: Amarendra Sahu, Deepak Dhar, Jitendra Jagadev, Smruti Parida

CEO: Amarendra Sahu

Year: 2015

Impact: NestAway is an online home rental platform that provides fully furnished and managed shared accommodations for individuals and families. It focuses on creating a hassle-free renting experience.

Services: Shared accommodation rentals, home management, tenant services.

Targeted Audience: Renters and homeowners seeking shared accommodations.


Founders: Prateek Shukla, Pankhuri Shrivastava

CEO: Prateek Shukla

Year: 2013

Impact: Grabhouse is an online platform that connects potential tenants with landlords directly, eliminating the need for brokers. It offers verified listings and facilitates smooth rental transactions.

Services: Property search, tenant verification, rental agreements.

Targeted Audience: Property owners and tenants.


Founder: Sridharan Ranganathan

CEO: Mani Rangarajan

Year: 2014

Impact: RoofandFloor is an online real estate platform that provides property listings, expert advice, and tools to help users make informed decisions. It focuses on transparency and offers services for property buyers and developers.

Services: Property search, expert guidance, project listings.

Targeted Audience: Property buyers and developers.

Realty Redefined

Founder: Shubham Tyagi

CEO: Shubham Tyagi

Year: 2013

Impact: Realty Redefined is a technology-driven real estate brokerage firm that offers a wide range of services for property buyers, sellers, and investors. It provides personalized property recommendations and market insights.

Services: Property search, real estate advisory, investment guidance.

Targeted Audience: Property buyers, sellers, and investors.

Zolo Stays

Founder: Nikhil Sikri

CEO: Nikhil Sikri

Year Founded: 2015

Impact: Zolo Stays is a co-living platform that provides fully-furnished and managed accommodation for students and working professionals. It offers hassle-free living solutions with amenities such as housekeeping, maintenance, and community engagement. Zolo Stays aims to create a comfortable and community-driven living experience for its residents.

Services: Zolo Stays offers a range of services including fully-furnished rooms, housekeeping, maintenance, high-speed internet, security, and community events. They also provide flexible rental options and a seamless online booking process.

Targeted Audience: Zolo Stays primarily targets students and young working professionals who are looking for affordable and convenient shared accommodation. Their services cater to individuals who seek a hassle-free living experience with a sense of community.

Zolo Stays has gained popularity in the Indian real estate market for its focus on co-living spaces and its efforts to provide comfortable and well-managed shared accommodations.

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