5 Reasons The Cinnamon Kitchen Impressed the Sharks (and Won a Deal!)

A Bakery with a Heart:

A bakery that doesn’t just satisfy your sweet tooth but also nourishes your body. This is the essence of The Cinnamon Kitchen, a Delhi-based haven for plant-based, gluten-free, and organic treats. Founded by Priyasha Saluja, a self-taught chef and certified hormone health coach, The Cinnamon Kitchen isn’t just a business; it’s a passion project fueled by a desire to share healthy indulgence.

From Personal Battles to Culinary Creations:

Priyasha’s journey began in 2018, driven by her personal battle with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) since the age of 13. Instead of letting her struggles define her, she turned them into an opportunity to inspire others. As a foodie at heart, she embarked on a mission to share healthy recipes and lifestyle tips on social media, quickly gaining a loyal following.

From Instagram to Shark Tank:

As The Cinnamon Kitchen’s online presence blossomed, so did Priyasha’s ambition. With a vision to make guilt-free indulgence accessible to everyone, she decided to take her venture to the biggest stage for entrepreneurs: Shark Tank India.

Facing the Sharks with Confidence:

In January 2024, Priyasha appeared on season three, episode two of Shark Tank India. During her intense presentation, she showcased her mouthwatering creations, including flourless almond butter cookies, decadent fudge, delightful apple crumble cake, and savory vegan cheese chips, all flaunting their gluten-free and dairy-free credentials.

Negotiating for More Than Just Money:

While the Sharks initially provided feedback on packaging and labeling, Priyasha remained firm in her commitment to delivering high-quality, ethically sourced products. Facing questions about scaling and sales figures, she demonstrated resilience and unwavering belief in her brand’s potential.

A Deal Sealed with a Sweet Note:

Priyasha’s initial ask was Rs. 60 lakh for a 2% equity stake. After facing a barrage of questions and negotiations, a revised offer of Rs. 60 lakh for a 5% equity stake emerged. This agreement was a testament to Priyasha’s passion, resilience, and the Sharks’ recognition of The Cinnamon Kitchen’s potential.

Beyond the Investment: Mentorship and Growth:

For Priyasha, Shark Tank India wasn’t just about securing funding; it was about gaining invaluable mentorship and guidance. Partnering with Shark Aman Gupta, co-founder and CMO of BOAT, provided her with not only financial backing but also strategic advice and industry insights.

A Future Filled with Flavor and Inspiration:

With a renewed sense of purpose and the support of her new mentor, Priyasha is now poised to take The Cinnamon Kitchen to new heights. Her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing the power of passion, perseverance, and the courage to chase your dreams.

Table: Popular Products at The Cinnamon Kitchen:


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