From Analog to Automated: The Rise of ToHands, the #1 Smart Calculator for Retail

ToHands operates without a traditional office setup. Their three co-founders and six freelance team members work remotely from various locations across India. Despite the physical distance, their shared passion and commitment have been instrumental in bringing ToHands to life.

Praveen Mishra, the founder, describes T-Hub as his “home” away from home, acknowledging the incubator’s role in providing support and guidance throughout their journey. Now, Imagine a world where shopkeepers ditch their trusty, but limited, calculators for a smart device that simplifies their lives. This is the vision behind ToHands, a revolutionary smart calculator born out of innovation and a desire to empower small businesses.

From One Startup to Another:

ToHands wasn’t born in a vacuum. Its founder, Praveen Mishra, already had a successful e-commerce startup, ByBuy, under his belt. Through ByBuy, he witnessed the struggles of small businesses firsthand, particularly their reliance on outdated calculators for bookkeeping. This sparked the idea for ToHands: a smart calculator that goes beyond numbers, offering automated bookkeeping solutions.

From Prototype to Production:

The journey from concept to reality wasn’t easy. The ToHands team, comprised of Praveen and six dedicated freelancers, started with a raspberry chip prototype housed in a simple plastic box. They tested, tweaked, and refined, eventually transforming the prototype into a 3D-printed model linked to their custom software.

Funding the Future:

To bring their vision to life, ToHands secured Rs. 50 lakh in funding from the Startup India Seed Fund (SISF) and T-Hub. This funding fueled the development of a high-quality calculator and the accompanying mobile app.

Revolutionizing Retail Bookkeeping:

So, what exactly does ToHands do? Imagine a sleek calculator with just two dedicated buttons: Cash In and Cash Out. Every transaction, be it a sale or a purchase, is recorded with a single click. The magic happens behind the scenes, where the ToHands app automatically stores the data, providing a myriad of benefits for shopkeepers:

  • Effortless Bookkeeping: Eliminate manual entries and save hours by recording transactions directly on the calculator.
  • Profit Tracking: Gain instant insights into your daily, weekly, and monthly profits with automated calculations.
  • Detailed Reports: Access detailed reports categorized by date, payment method (online/cash/card), and more.
  • Affordable Power: Enjoy all these features for an affordable price of Rs. 2,999.
ToHands Smart Calculator

Beyond Hardware: A Sustainable Revenue Model:

ToHands understands that sustainability is key. While the hardware remains their primary revenue source, the app itself offers freemium features. Users gain access to three months of data storage for free, but premium features, such as extended data storage and detailed reports, require a subscription fee.

Distribution Channels: Reaching Every Shopkeeper:

ToHands has a three-pronged approach to reach shopkeepers across India:

  • Resellers: Partnering with Inside Sales Reps (ISRs) who directly connect with shop owners.
  • E-commerce: Selling through their website, major online retailers, and WhatsApp.
  • Vendor Partnerships: Collaborating with companies like Vyapaar and Ninjacart to reach their vendor networks.

Innovation without Replication:

ToHands isn’t just about creating a smart calculator; it’s about protecting their innovation. They have patented the design of their calculator, ensuring they remain the sole provider of smart calculator solutions in the Indian market.

Made in India, for India:

ToHands takes pride in being a Made-in-India company. They have established production houses in Chennai and Bangalore, aiming to replace traditional calculators – predominantly manufactured outside India – with their high-quality, locally-produced solution.

Customer First:

ToHands prioritizes customer satisfaction. They offer a one-month return policy for full refunds and a one-year warranty on the hardware. Additionally, they plan to implement OTA (Over-the-Air) updates, allowing users to receive software upgrades without purchasing new hardware, similar to smartphone updates.

From Pre-Orders to Production:

The ToHands story is a testament to perseverance. They received seven pre-orders even before having a final product, showcasing the strong demand for their innovative solution. After launching with 20 test units, they are now gearing up for full-scale production, with shipments starting from October 18th, 2023.

A Team of Passionate Freelancers:

ToHands operates without a traditional office. Their three co-founders and six freelance team members work remotely from various locations across India. Despite the physical distance, their shared passion and commitment have been instrumental in bringing ToHands to life.


ToHands represents a paradigm shift in the way small businesses handle their finances. With its simple yet powerful solution, ToHands empowers shopkeepers to save time, gain valuable insights, and is more than just a smart calculator. It’s a symbol of innovation, perseverance, and the potential of technology to empower small businesses. Their story is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the power of creativity, dedication, and a genuine desire to make a difference.


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