Addressing the Educational Challenges in India through Personalized E-Learning

Executive Summary

Despite the influx of technology into our everyday lives, the online learning landscape in India has been riddled with challenges for years. For example, learners do not have easy access to quality individualized online courses, and the cost and technical requirements are a challenge to the larger population who reside in village areas. But Skiedo, a revolutionary e-learning platform, is making these challenges a thing of the past.

Accessing Quality Education in India Is a Challenge

Highlighting the role of e-learning, Indian Newspaper Economic Times suggests that e-learning platforms are successfully addressing the demand-supply gap of the students and corporate employees, therefore changing the education landscape of India.

70% of the Indian population resides in villages, and such people do not have access to quality e-learning.

  • According to, only 11% of households possess any computer (including desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, palmtops, or tablets), which is required for most online courses. Instead, the vast majority have only mobile phones.
  • Additionally, about 60% of the Indian population lives below the recognized World Bank’s median poverty line. It is therefore difficult for these people to access quality online courses from across the world.
  • Even individuals who have access to e-learning complain of not finding individualized courses explicitly meant for one person at a time. The challenge of Internet connection can also not be ignored.

Interestingly, about 280 million students in India are expected to enroll in schools in 2021, a study by KPMG states. But as long as the pandemic keeps schools closed, students will have to rely on e-learning for their education. So now, the question is, how can they do so when the challenges discussed above keep staring them in the face?

Despite the odds, the online education market in India is expected to grow by 2.28 billion USD during 2021-2025, expanding at a CAGR of almost 20%. But not until those challenges are addressed, that estimated growth may not come.

“The vast majority of India has not enjoyed all the benefits E-learning has to offer.”

Unemployment in India Is at an All-Time High – Another Challenge Needing Attention

Students are not alone in this dire situation. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything, even affecting the middle and upper-class Indian society. Highly qualified and talented employees have lost their job, thanks to the novel virus.

According to data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, the nation’s unemployment rate skyrocketed from 8% in March 2020 to 24% in April 2020, an immediate impact of the lockdown.

How Skiedo Is Addressing These Issues as an E-Learning Platform

Skiedo is an online tutoring platform whose target is to minimize the challenges discussed above and make e-learning much more accessible.

It is an exclusive platform for anyone who wants to learn any particular subject on their mobile devices, affordably and on a one-on-one basis; a true definition of individualized online learning.

As a learner, you get to decide what you want to learn, who to learn from, when to learn, and where to learn. And most importantly, you can take your live video lessons on any smartphone if you have no access to a computer.

Simultaneously, Skiedo provides thousands of knowledgeable job-seekers with an opportunity to earn a decent income through online tutoring. So whatever you are skilled in, be it an academic subject, music, or any professional skill, simply become a tutor and start earning from the comfort of your home.

In short, Skiedo is an affordable education and e-learning platform to learn directly from quality tutors at the student’s convenience.

“A platform for anyone looking to learn any particular subject on their mobile devices, affordably, and on a one-on-one basis.”

Skiedo — The Long-Awaited Answer to India’s Educational Challenges

Skiedo acts as a tutor aggregator and provides an educational solution to students, business persons, and even active career consultancies. For example, suppose you’re looking to learn maths, music or advance your skills in marketing or any other profession. In that case, you can always find a knowledgeable tutor ready to teach you at very affordable rates.

If you are good at any sought-after skills, be it painting or singing, you can teach at our platform. As a housewife, you can also utilize your spare time to empower others while enjoying a secondary source of income.

Furthermore, Skiedo provides a unique way to learn with friendly and affordable tutors worldwide with flexibility. Do you need help with your homework at 1:00 am? You’ve got it! Log in to, register as a student, and find a tutor in a different time zone ready to help you in the best way possible.

“Our mantra is to teach the best skills to e-learners located across the planet very affordably. Skiedo will also be an alternative revenue resource to those who are retired or studying and looking for ways to pay their bills.”

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