Indian AI Startup Beats OpenAI & Google To Become World’s Number 1

Summary: Indian startup JiviAI has outperformed tech giants Google and OpenAI in medical AI benchmarks with its language-learning model, Jivi MedX. Founded by Ankur Jain and G V Sanjay Reddy in Gurugram, JiviAI’s model achieved the highest average score on the Leaderboard, a notable platform for evaluating AI in healthcare. The company plans to launch Jivi MedX globally in August 2024, aiming to revolutionize healthcare accessibility. This success underscores India’s growing influence in the tech sector and highlights the potential of AI to transform healthcare worldwide.

Gurugram, India – In a groundbreaking achievement, Indian startup JiviAI has made headlines by surpassing tech giants Google and OpenAI in a critical arena: medical AI. The company’s language-learning AI, Jivi MedX, has achieved top rankings in medical benchmarks, positioning JiviAI as a formidable player in the global healthcare technology sector.

Founded by Ankur Jain and G V Sanjay Reddy, JiviAI has its roots in the bustling tech hub of Gurugram. Jain, who previously served as the Chief Product Officer at BharatPe, teamed up with Reddy, the Chairman of Reddy Ventures, to establish JiviAI with a mission to revolutionize healthcare accessibility worldwide.

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<em>Ankur Jain: Co-Founder At JiviAI</em>

Jivi MedX: A Leap in Medical AI

Jivi MedX, the company’s flagship large language model (LLM), has outperformed renowned models such as OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Med-PaLM 2. According to JiviAI, their model scored an impressive average of 91.65 across nine benchmark categories on the Leaderboard, a significant platform for evaluating the performance of AI systems in medical applications.

“This is a monumental achievement for an Indian company. At Jivi, our mission is to make top-of-the-line healthcare available to everyone globally. Our LLM being the best worldwide gives us immense pride and confidence as we prepare to bring Jivi to over a billion people,” said G V Sanjay Reddy, Co-founder and Chairman of JiviAI, in a statement.

The announcement marks a significant milestone for JiviAI and reflects the rapid advancements in AI technology emerging from India. The startup’s success is a testament to the country’s growing influence in the global tech landscape.

Preparing for a Global Launch

JiviAI is gearing up for a major rollout of Jivi MedX, scheduled for August 2024. This launch is anticipated to introduce their advanced AI capabilities to a global audience, potentially transforming how healthcare services are delivered and accessed.

Earlier this month, Ankur Jain took to LinkedIn to share his enthusiasm about this new venture. “I am looking forward to this new chapter of my entrepreneurship journey as CEO and Co-Founder at Jivi AI, where we are using generative AI to improve healthcare outcomes for 8 billion people!” he wrote.

A Vision for the Future

The triumph of Jivi MedX not only highlights the innovative spirit of JiviAI but also underscores the broader potential of AI in healthcare. By excelling in rigorous benchmarks, JiviAI demonstrates that AI can significantly enhance medical diagnostics, treatment planning, and overall healthcare delivery.

As JiviAI prepares for its August launch, the global tech and healthcare communities will be closely watching how this startup continues to innovate and impact the industry. The success of Jivi MedX may very well pave the way for more inclusive and efficient healthcare solutions, leveraging the power of AI to benefit populations worldwide.

For now, JiviAI stands as a beacon of technological prowess, embodying the promise of what can be achieved when vision, innovation, and dedication converge.

Ankur Srivastava
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