Akanksha Chandok- Led Technology-Driven Firm Offering Innovative Solutions

A well-known name is Akanksha Chandok as a digital marketer also a founder at Building Blocks. She starts building the foundation of the company at the time of her graduation she indulged in shares and saving in its establishment as she also wins the best entrepreneur title in 2016 and hence she is ready to set up her business.    

She never goes back to her dreams and always tries to conquer the problems of life not only of her but also helps many people in resolving their life problems. As we all know not all people can move ahead and leave their hope to do something when there are no initial support and strength but Akanksha Chandok is a girl who never stops walking on the road to success even after not having the support of anyone she always inspire herself to move ahead with the complete determination in life and never goes down. Yes! This dedication and desperation make her a strong woman who can achieve whatever she wants.   

Therefore now she is having her own business and making it quite the mark. She also gives insight to people to make their business success to the heights along with this she is a part of Radisson Blu and Amicus. Her success and struggle awarded her with many awards likewise: Best Entrepreneur, Best Manager, etc. She is an expert in many languages and accents like Hindi, English, French, and Punjabi with professional working fluency.

Akanksha Chandok is a truly passionate digital marketer who is a founder of a building block in which she supports small businesses to improve their visibilities. As we know that world is transformed into a global village and ushered in the digital era or time. Previously people use to go with door-to-door selling but now it has been changed with digital marketing. Digital marketing promises to present the better services that she also presents.    

However not all are quite able to clutch opportunity, as she presents also near-infinite internet-enabled marketing age, the brand struggle for to struggle to integrate and adopt a digital services, she helps to create social media presence and stand out from the clutter. In building block, she solves the problems of people by providing comprehensive digital marketing services likewise advertisement, promotions, alert updates, logo creation, social media management, and content creation.  

In these segments, she provides the brand with an opportunity to go digital also creates and augment their social media presence, and also attracts their target audience improving with the right messages. As she thought that it helps people in enabling their client to appeal to a wider audience, increase their brand awareness, and also recall and engage to go with the profits with small efforts. Consequently, she is also easily accessible for all the enterprises to MSME or even in the small outlets.

She has a dream to grow more and make people’s dreams into reality to get the stairs of success with making small efforts by resenting her best of the services and her effective beneficial services. She presents the cost-friendly with the splendid RIO services in a very reliable manner.