How a social helper Tarun Tiwari helps people in maintaining financial literacy by presenting bridging programs with positive vibes

Tarun Tiwari is a famous name as consultant, social activist, and motivator who motivates many people. He has completed his Bachelor of Engineering professional (Information Technology) with having a total of 13 years of experience even in the development domain and also in consulting. His occupation starts as a young entrepreneur that helps him to lead various businesses and their establishments.                

He worked with more than 100 NGOs, companies, and also with the Govt. Departments from the grassroots to corporate the many foundations. As well, Tarun Tiwari has conducted 200+ workshops/ camps and seminars on many of the subjects to provide awareness in people’s lives and to support them. As an illustration or likewise: Road Safety, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, Let’s spread positivity and Computer & Internet Literacy, peacebuilding, women empowerment, youth employment, and many time & situation based awareness drives. Along with this he also conducts two Ayurveda Health Camps for the people in Kuwait and Srilanka (international).     

Tarun Tiwari is quite able with having the capability to design need and situation-based Solution-oriented programs. He has designed many of the Bridge training programs like EGATP (Educational General Awareness Training Programmes) for the people who are above at the age of 45+ and above of that age group upgrading computer & internet skills. He trained more than 600 Govt. Official and 1400 other people. He also solved more than 3000 old pending complaints in the pilot phase in Swachhta Clinic program to the bridge Gap between citizens and the municipal corporation that solve the problems and obstacles of many or several people and from their life.       

He is so positive person with having a positive attitude to move forward in his life by continuing to help people in their life problems by serving his attitude of social service providers to the needy one. He understands the problems and troubles of people’s living and tries a lot to give them relaxation and better outcome of their life problems. 

He thinks and understands people problems and troubles of life as his own and works on them to present the accurate solution by making a lot of effort for this to provide peace in people life. he serves the positivity in people life by presenting his Lets Spread Positivity Campaign in which more than a number of 30000 people are getting great positivity and its vibes also get much learning by understanding others life experiences.

Tarun Tiwari is quite creative and has enough motivated personality to motivate people by spreading out his positive attitude and vibes. He has superb and outstanding convincing skills that help him in motivating more than 5,000 people that give him recognition and overwhelming audience response. Consequently, the response he gets from the people motivates him to make more effort and to spread more positivity.