CONSCIOUS GAMES – A Unique Blend Of Gaming And Vedic Sciences

Founders of Conscious Games were college buddies with different specializations. Aruna was into Mechanical Engineering while Chandana was into Electronics and Communications Engineering. The common thing between them was that both were seekers of knowledge and passionate about exploring.

Aruna is a hobbyist with a knack of learning new things. Apart from being a Reiki master and being trained in Carnatic music, she shares the hobby of board gaming with her husband and has a personal collection of more than 100 board games from around the world. On the other hand, Chandana is a knowledge seeker with a strong spiritual background. She has dedicated her life to scientific spirituality and is an active volunteer in many non-profit organizations in the areas of health, learning and social welfare, among others. In the course of her work, she has interacted with children and parents alike.

The wonderful bonding of these friends for almost two decades led to the inception of Conscious Games with a vision to share knowledge and fun with a wider audience.

Conscious Games is dedicated to design and publish strategic theme-oriented board games for all age groups. These games derive inspiration from the ancient Indian Vedic Sciences.  The gameplays are not only fun and indulging, but also create a positive impact on the brain sparking curiosity, receptivity and focus in children and adults alike. 

Their first game “CONSCIOUS” is a one-of-a-kind board game based on the concepts of Chakras (energy centers) and their properties. Players attain exciting unique powers associated with the energy centers as they progress in the game. This voyage into the inner mystic realms of our body is loaded with excitement and learning.

Playing board games is an excellent way to spend quality time with family and friends away from gadgets. Join their beautiful journey of knowledge and fun to be CONSCIOUS!
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