Nida Fatima

Nida Fatima

A young journalist writing with some of the established media platforms in India, Having strong hands in-depth research on startups and entrepreneurship-related topics in order to develop original content. Using best practice methods in Editing and polishing existing content to improve readability, conducting keyword research, and using SEO best practices to increase traffic to the website with proven content writing experience.

Can Start-ups help prevent wars?

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Wielding our soft power basically means we use our economic situation and cultural legacy topersuade others or to negotiate successfully. We can definitely make India a juggernaut of startup bred soft power in the complicated geopolitical situation we find ourselves…

Helping shops grow digitally with Fydo

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Fydo is on a mission to create a brand out of underrated local stores and small businesses which are popular among locals. With the power of their significant hyperlocal customer base, these businesses are getting a much-needed boost with Fydo.…

Be Job & Career Ready with TBH Circle

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Nowadays everyone wants a high – paying job right after finishing college but do they have the correct skill set required for the job? As per the India skill report 2022, around 54% Indian Youth is unemployable. It is shocking…

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Abdul Rahaman “A 23-year-old entrepreneur creating the world of his dream” Abdul Rahaman following his dreams while pursuing his MBA from BITM college. Founder of,, and an NGO: We care organization. Apart from startups, he looks over his…