“Discover the future of sustainability with India’s top 8 CleanTech startups paving the way for green solutions.”

CleanTech Startups in India Promoting Sustainability and Green Solutions. These innovative companies are at the forefront of driving positive environmental change and offering sustainable solutions across various sectors. From renewable energy and waste management to electric mobility and carbon offsetting, these startups are dedicated to promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

Each startup listed here has made significant strides in their respective fields, demonstrating a commitment to innovation, social impact, and environmental consciousness. Their founders and CEOs have played a crucial role in shaping the vision and direction of their organizations, driving them towards success.

With their establishment years ranging from as early as 1974 to the more recent ventures, these startups have collectively made a significant impact on India’s clean technology landscape. Their services span a wide range of sectors, including energy, transportation, waste management, agriculture, and more.

By providing cutting-edge technologies, sustainable products, and eco-friendly services, these startups contribute to mitigating climate change, reducing carbon emissions, conserving natural resources, and improving the overall well-being of communities. They have positioned themselves as key players in India’s transition towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

“Discover the future of sustainability with India’s top 8 CleanTech startups paving the way for green solutions.”

Carbon Clean Solutions

Founder: Aniruddha Sharma, Prateek Bumb

Est. Year: 2009

CEO: Aniruddha Sharma

Impact: Carbon capture and utilization technologies

Services: Developing and deploying carbon capture solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in industries.


Founder: Nishant Mishra, Ankit Sood

Est. Year: 2015

CEO: Nishant Mishra

Impact: Geospatial analytics for agriculture

Services: Offering advanced analytics and satellite imagery solutions to optimize farming practices, increase crop productivity, and enhance sustainability in agriculture.

Greenway Grameen Infra

Founder: Neha Juneja, Ankit Mathur

Est. Year: 2011

CEO: Neha Juneja

Impact: Clean cooking solutions and rural infrastructure

Services: Providing clean and energy-efficient cooking stoves and appliances to rural households, improving indoor air quality and reducing fuel consumption.

Graviky Labs

Founder: Anirudh Sharma

Est. Year: 2013

CEO: Anirudh Sharma

Impact: Air pollution control and sustainable inks

Services: Developing technology to capture and recycle carbon emissions from vehicles and industries, and using the collected pollutants to create sustainable inks and paints.


Founder: Rachna Bhasin, Udit Gupta

Est. Year: 2016

CEO: Rachna Bhasin

Impact: Sustainable textiles and fashion

Services: Producing eco-friendly and ethically sourced textiles, promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the fashion industry.

Oizom Instruments

Founder: Ankit Vyas, Shivansh Shrivastava

Est. Year: 2015

CEO: Ankit Vyas

Impact: Environmental monitoring solutions

Services: Developing and deploying IoT-based sensors and platforms to monitor air quality, water quality, and noise levels for environmental management and pollution control.

Charag Microgrids

Founder: Ratnesh Yadav

Est. Year: 2016

CEO: Ratnesh Yadav

Impact: Rural electrification and energy access solutions

Services: Implementing solar-powered microgrids to provide clean electricity to off-grid and rural areas, enabling economic development and improving quality of life.


Founder: Sonal Chawla

Est. Year: 2014

CEO: Sonal Chawla

Impact: Sustainable vending machines and healthy snacks

Services: Manufacturing and operating eco-friendly vending machines that dispense nutritious and organic snacks, promoting healthier eating habits and reducing single-use plastic waste.

It’s important to note that the details provided are based on the knowledge cutoff of September 2021, and the current status and impact of these startups may have evolved since then. Nevertheless, their inclusion in this list reflects their significant contributions to the clean technology sector in India and their dedication to promoting sustainability and green solutions.