Ed-Tech Startup Plufo.com takes Online Learning market by storm

Bengaluru, 25nd November: Plufo.com is a year-young start-up, backed by K12 Techno Services, that is swiftly expanding and blazing new trails in the burgeoning Ed-Tech space. It recently announced the debut of a revolutionary and ground-breaking website offering student-friendly services and products. Plufo.com began its journey in August 2020, in Bengaluru, with a small number of classes as an Ed-Tech initiative. It opted to transform and personalize its services to fit the demands and practicalities of learners, instructors, and parents. Plufo.com offers interactive LIVE Online Coaching Classes and is a one-of-a-kind Online Learning Platform for students and children aged between 3 and 14 years, from Nursery to Grade 8. 

Today, Plufo.com is fast-becoming the most sought after LIVE Online Coaching Classes for kids (for After-School Learning), that includes disciplines such as Maths, Science, English, Arts, Dance, Numeracy, Literacy, Social Studies, EVS and Public Speaking. It aspires to become India’s best LIVE Online Coaching Classes for academics, applicable to students of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Since inception, Plufo.com has now expanded into various territories pan India and has an indomitable presence in metropolitans. It has also extended its reach this year to Tier-II, and Tier-III cities as well including Chandigarh, Indore, and Bhopal. 

In this short span of time, the total number of Subscribers on Plufo.com has swelled to over 1200 active students amongst an overall base of around 2,500 students. In the coming days, Plufo.com has set itself an ambitious phase-wise target of 10,000 Student Subscribers in the market, exponentially increasing it to 50,000 Students eventually. 

It is not unknown that 2020, the year of uncertainty, increased demand for Online Learning in the Ed-Tech space in India. A majority of start-ups were striving for a niche in this space. The senior management at Plufo.com recognized a dire need for having an Online Portal that could address student needs and assist them one-on-one, in real-time. 

“Plufo.com addresses parents’ primary concern that their children would get lost in large groups and their grasp of the subject will be fragmented. Plufo.com ensures that every kid feels comfortable asking questions and clearing doubts until they are swamped with replies from their respective teachers. We are already operating in metropolitan regions and aim to launch our services in Tier-II and Tier-III cities over the next six months,” said Manoj Mohite, Business Head, Plufo.com. 

Plufo.com has carefully and effectively replaced the concept of recorded sessions (or Video-on-Demand) to minimise student misunderstanding about various subjects. The most compelling and unique advantage at Plufo.com is personal attention for every student. It believes that every child deserves personal attention and additionally offers a 1:5 & 1:10 healthy teacher-student ratio in each class. This is to ensure that each student receives adequate, individualised attention from the teachers and is properly taken care of. 

About Plufo.com: Plufo.com is a rapidly evolving Ed-Tech company which started operations in August 2020. It offers LIVE Online Classes to students from Nursery to Grade VIII. One of its most significant goals is to provide Real-Time Assistance and Resolve Student Questions via LIVE Sessions. Plufo.com, which is self-funded, presently has 150+ teachers on board to offer interactive after-school support to children studying for CBSE exams. Plufo.com aspires to be India’s best LIVE Online Class platform for students and teachers alike. 

For more information, visit – www.Plufo.com