Ritvika Sharma youngest author who wrote an English Poetry Book hailing from. Sonipat, Haryana enlightens all the depressed souls in her debut poetry book ‘On Walk Of Miles’

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A 12th class child prodigy, daughter of Mr. Praveen and Mrs. Deepika Sharma, was launched at Regards: The Family Restaurant on Sunday, October 17 which was published by The World Of Hidden Thoughts. The Founder-CEO of the publishing house Mr. Kartik Gupta hosted the event. Mr.Gaurav Chauhan (An Environmentalist, Haridwar ) organised the event and promoted gifting of Tulsi pots as token of respect.

The book has been published worldwide as paperback and E-book. The book is available as E-book on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, and Kobo.com, Walmart and as paperback on Amazon, Notion Press, and Flipkart. The book is available in more than 80 countries.

Few eminent personalities joined us for the auspicious event, Mr. Prem Ojha (Principal of Gateway International School), Mr Naveen Gulia (Deputy DO, Sonipat), Ms. Santosh Rathee (Principal Government School, Murthal Adda), Mr.B.M. Jyotishi (Advocate), Smt. Sarla Devi (Deen of Geeta Arya College of Education, Julana-Jind) released the book at the function.

Dedicated to life, the author through her poetries hold the fingers of her readers with care. From the state of being destructed, devastated, traumatic with our feelings and toxic thoughts, realising the darker emotions; To accepting, embracing, a rebirth of your epiphany with brighter perspectives and enlightened the way of living conscious, abundant life happens.

Ritvika dedicates this book to life the chief executive of our living. Also, her maternal grandfather Late. R.P Sharma; her maternal grandmother Smt. Sarla Devi for being the source of inspiration and guidance to live a life worthy to leave her legacy behind.

Chief Guest for the occasion Mr. Prem Ojha said that it is a proud moment for being a principal himself and witnessing young talent taking up the initiative.” He said, connecting to self is necessary, that’s where the magic of abundance buds up. She is connected to herself, in near future, her maturity of thoughts and self-actualization will accomplish wonders in the world”.

High Court Advocate B.M. Jyotshi said, “The speech and depth of her words directly attract the attention of readers and listeners. Her thoughts are magnetic with the dynamic perspective of life, she is a revolution of a new prosperous era. Surely, Ritvika will achieve great heights in her life.”

Principal of Govt. School Murthal Adda Ms Santosh Rathee said, “Ritvika is not a normal child, she is an extraordinary soul. Her unique and profound expression spell bounds the readers. It is unbelievable how elegantly and maturely she has woven her soul in her book of mental healing i.e ‘On Walk Of Miles’ by Ritvika Sharma”.

Addressing the gathering, Ritvika said, this book is a collection of soulfully woven short poetry with illustrations which ignites a ray of hope in the dark decomposed pattern of life. She added that, this book is a journey of miles wherein readers travel through the bumpy roads of their darker emotions, challenges and obstacles, to explore the milieu of hope and light.

“Death unfurls the Renaissance of human survival”.
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