Filing Consumer Complaint Online Is Easy Using Voxya Voice Record Feature in 2022

Consumer complaints and online fraud cases are increasing day by day. We are seeing there are plenty of fraud companies are coming into the market to get more profit from the consumer pocket. They don’t care about their product and their services, they only focus on sales and marketing to attract more customers to their company or brands. They offer discounts, doing false promises to customers, misleading advertisements, etc. for more profit. There are many companies that care about consumers but are not always able to give proper solutions to their consumers. Consumer shows his/her trust in the company and purchases products and services from the company from his/her hard-earn money. When the consumer does not get proper service and product even after paying money then he feels cheated and tries hard to resolve his grievance. When he does not get any proper solution from the company or the brand then a consumer becomes frustrated with these things. In this situation, an online consumer complaint platform becomes more helpful for the consumers. Voxya is one of them, who helps consumers in resolving consumer complaints easily with an optimal solution.

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What is Voxya?

Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum that helps consumers to fight against consumer fraud and online fraud easily. It helps consumers to get a replacement, refund, and compensation from the company or the seller. 

How Voxya resolves consumer complaints online?

Using the following easy steps voxya an online consumer complaint forum resolves consumer complaints:

1. Social media campaign: It starts social media campaign for the maximum impact of consumer complaints.

2. Send Email & Notify company: It will send an email to the company and try to resolve consumer complaints amicably. There are many consumer companies and brands associated with voxya, they get notifications about their complaint and actively help consumers in resolving their complaints.

3. Send legal notice: It will draft and send legal notice to the company via registered post. They also send a copy of the legal notice to the consumer’s address.

4. Consumer Court: It helps consumers to approach consumer court and prepare consumer case documents to be submitted in consumer court.

Why Voxya consumer complaint website was trending in 2021?

Voxya consumer complaint forum loved by thousands of consumers in this years, we helped more than 50,000+ consumers who resolved their consumer complaints successfully. Affordability, quick and easy complaint process, company attention, competent lawyers, complaint status with notification, and a 24*7 platform for filing consumer complaints make us more loveable among the consumers. Every moment of this year, voxya’s team was dedicated to their excellence with their services. This becomes the reason for being trending as the best and trusted platform for consumer complaints in 2021.

Why is new coming with Voxya consumer complaint platform in 2022?

Voxya’s team is launching “Voxya Mobile App” at the beginning of 2022 with brand new features. Now, a consumer can file a complaint online from their mobile device from anywhere anytime. A brand new feature of Voxya is to file a complaint using a voice record instead of typing them. It will make the process of complaint easier and a consumer can file a complaint or check their status without moving to desktop or laptop. We are also going to launch the same version in Hindi for all those consumers who prefer their native language to submit their complaints.You can check this app on google play store using the name “उपभोक्ता फोरम शिकायत by Voxya”. 

Every consumer must have the “Voxya consumer complaint Forum App” become protect consumer rights and provide the legal solution for the consumer case.