From a small startup with just a kiosk to worth Crores: Journey of Wow! Momo

Dumplings or globally known as “momos” were historically an originality of Tibet dating back to the fourteenth century and were introduced in India after the attack of the Chinese in 1959. Many Tibetans stayed in various parts of India and hence the introduction of such delightful cuisine took place in the streets of India.

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Over these few centuries, the acceptance and the overwhelming love for fast food as well as the delicacies the momo provides has been continuously increasing. You could ask any genz person and almost 90% of them would definitely have a love for momos. The exquisite taste, the softness, rawness and the soothing to the nerves of our system that such a dish provides makes it so delirious for consumption in india.

Keeping that in mind, classmates Sagar Daryani and Binod kumar Homagai, marketed the ideal chain of a momo company ‘WoW momo’. They specialise in momos, momo-filled burgers (MoBurgs) and momo-based desserts served in eclectic tastes and presentations, available in all kinds, from vegetarian delights to non-vegetarian delights.

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Sagar Daryani, CEO of Wow! Momo

They started selling momos in 2008 at the Spencer retail in Kolkata, West Bengal with a minimal investment of 30,000 Rs. Sagar And Binod are also the alumni of St.Xavier’s College in Kolkata and CEOs of Wow! Momo. Like any other startup, their journey hasn’t been easy. Setting up a kiosk stall in Springdale spencer retail shop, they worked hard to gain customers, approached people to try their snack while wearing their WoW! Momo logo t-shirts! and clearly adopting creative marketing techniques to grow their startup and following a standardized recipe and cooking methodology.

With their constant work and innovative techniques, two years later, Wow! Momo has also already spread its dumplings across the town into various commercial places such as malls, parks, and social markets. As their work gained attraction, the business grew, and gaining an investment of Rs. 14 Lakhs, not long and they opened their own kitchen, with just a table and two part-time chefs in Sector V in Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal. Their first ever launch outside Kolkata was in the neighbouring city of Bengaluru in Phoenix Market City in 2011 ushering in the era of their ever growing success.

Wow! Momo is now worth ₹860 crore with its branches spread with more than 200 outlets across 17 cities in India such as Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Lucknow, Delhi, Bengaluru, Cuttack, Puri, Kochi, and Bhubaneswar. With a team of more than 2000 people, it is running smoothly on its unhinged spectrum.

Turning your passion or love for something into your entire career can be really daunting as well as the best step one could ever take. It takes diligence, consistency, and smart work along with a passionate love for a business to strive through. Proper marketing strategies and innovation along with a will to move forward despite certain barriers is what makes a business growing and working.

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