A Glimpse of Annual Digital Marketing Summit 2020

An annual digital marketing summit was conducted from 16th October to 18th October by iDoneSEO. Many entrepreneurs and digital marketers joined this summit on all the three days the summit was conducted. The expert mentors gave insights on the several initiatives in order to move forward successfully in these tough times.

Here is how it went, which entrepreneurs and marketing experts attended, and what they had to say during the annual digital marketing summit 2020: 

Day 1:

1) Madhu Vadalamani – A/B Testing 

Madhu Vadalamani gave us an introduction to A/B testing, details about where and how it can be implemented effectively. Take away from the session is the awareness around free and paid tools of A/B testing. 

2) Diwakar Singh Managing Sales in VUCA World – VUCA = Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 

 Managing sales in VUCA is very challenging, and Diwakar sir discussed numerous strategies which can be implemented for boosting our sales. He also gave the attendees insights into the challenges faced in VUCA and the ways of overcoming them in an effective manner. Take away is the awareness around customer types, types of buying/purchases and types of consumers. 

3) Shashank Reddy Selling Product in this Pandemic

🔹 Shashank Reddy’s session was very interactive as he motivated all attendees to participate by asking intriguing questions. The session gave us many wow moments as everyone enjoyed the learning. Take away from the session are the tools he taught us and the various effective/successful ways of selling our products in our unique e-commerce platform. 

Day 2: 

1) Emerging Dynamics of Customer Acquisition for StartUps by Raj Kishan Ganta

 Raj Kishan Ganta discussed the various strategies of customer acquisition and customer acquisition cycles with regard to startups. Takeaways are the acronyms which quickly and easily explained how a customer needs to be treated. 

Other session of the day was on topic “Reskilling AND Rethinking In Covid Time” by Subash Desai and “Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs” by Prasenjit Roy.

Day 3: 

1) AI edge to Digital Marketing by Dr K Vishwanath

 Vishwanath’s seminar gave us awareness around Artificial Intelligence and how it can be implemented in various ways in the digital marketing platform. He explained the concepts in a simple and easy to understand format. Take away from the seminar are the advanced applications of AI explained in easy to understand manner with practical examples. 

2) Getting right with customer experience (CX) in e-commerce by Pranav Kumar

 Pranav Kumar gave us an excellent presentation on the importance of customer experience with regard to e-commerce platforms and explained the seven no-regret move for customer experience in e-commerce. Take away – how a platform/website should be designed, keeping in mind customer’s requirements. 

3) Secret Strategy You Need To Know About Organic Traffic” by Sai Teja Ramesh 

 Sai Teja Ramesh gave us a fantastic presentation on organic search, how content plays a significant role in organic search, the trending tools required for research and discussed in detail the nine steps as are necessary for content posting automation. Take away would be – how effectively we can market our product/service on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

for more details about the summit, you can visit https://www.digitalmarketingsummit.in/

Rashmeet Kaur Sokhi
Rashmeet Kaur Sokhi
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