I’m aware that you might have heard about this in books or presentations, or it’s likely that you only heard about it out of courtesy. Why? What does this mean, then? Do you believe that getting hurt is necessary? The short response might be “yes,” but how can you be sure that the pain you’ve experienced is helping you rather than harming you? And how does suffering, pain, or breakdown affect you? It either makes you stronger or enables healing. So, it largely relies on the environment or company you are in. The hurt inside of you can take weeks, months, or even years to heal, and sometimes you die with the hurt. Physical wounds can be healed in weeks, months, or even years. the same agony and hurt. Why is it essential to recover from the trauma you survived?

The act of suffering can sometimes become so ingrained in a person that they do not want to be cured because they have become accustomed to the pain and suffering and would feel empty without it. The gen z generation is so self-conscious in this day and age, and we are undoubtedly so engrossed in our online social lives that receiving likes and comments on our posts is more significant to us than actually meeting new people. Why do we change and why is it so necessary for us to seek attention and external acceptance that we tend to forget who we truly are? Adapting our behaviour to the demands of society? Okay, therefore what’s the possible explanation? We don’t care about what we genuinely want without mending since we are too busy competing with others. Our prior traumatic experiences and unfortunate circumstances have left us in a position where we would rather make adjustments than seek recovery. But, the irony is that, until and unless you are fully healed with, you will continue to experience the same trauma or hurt wherever you go. You simply need to pay attention to who you truly are; you cannot let the approval or criticism you receive from others or from your friends determine your worth. You should be conscious of your true identity. Find yourself, let yourself recover, remove yourself from social bonds or even your traumas, and allow yourself to evolve as a result.

This article is penned by Diksha Chhikara, 20-year-old, budding content writer, who is a student at Delhi University.