Meenakshi Pange’s SONG ” YOU NEVER KNOW “release On Valentine Week

A special press conference was organized by Meenakshi Pange in Jass Music Studio regarding her upcoming song, “You Never Know”. Meenakshi Pange, a resident of Maharashtra, who
after making her mark in the fashion industry, she has now extended her steps to the world of singing and very soon Meenakshi’s song is also going to be released .
Meenakshi has just recently released her upcoming song “You Never Know”.
Song will going release on the Valentine’s Day this year . Along with singer Meenakshi, the director of this song, is Suraj Das, Lyrics Shobhana Thakur, Producer Gary Singh and Vikas Goyal, Music Composed By Jass Studio have also worked very hard for this song playing their important roles and everyone is very fond of this song. Meenakshi also shared some lyrics of this song with the reporters in this press conference ,
Some of the lyrics are
“These winds of love,
When to where
Your eyelids bowed
let things be all
someone breathes
you take it for granted
you never know
you never know”