Meet Mohmmad Sabeel from a Village boy to the the Co Founder of Green Pencil Foundation

The journey is the second name of life where we take every step in a very unique way. Life is a fusion of happiness and sadness, success and failure, comfort and pain, love and hatred, opportunities and frustrations, struggling and giving up. Life is not perfect we have to work on it to make it perfect.
Today we are going to tell you about a journey of a village boy to a Co founder of Green Pencil Foundation. Sabeel belongsto a very small village of District Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Everyone wants to do something great and wonderful in their life for once. He always believed “We can’t get anything unless we work on it”. He have completed his schooling from a very renowned academy i.e Vidyagyan School runs by Shiv Nadar Foundation on a scholarship basis. Shiv Nadar Foundation provided him with a scholarship for his studies. They were helping so many people and this inspired him to do something for the society.
He was always excited and ready to help everyone that’s why he started social work from class 9th. He have done almost 500+ admissions of students in primary schools. Apart from this, he also started small campaigns to spread awareness about government schemes, rules, and regulations among people. He started a campaigns “Teach One Teach All”. This campaign is especially for illiterate females who want to study but can’t so he started to teach all the illiterate females of her village.
There is a very famous quote, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself”. The dog is a voiceless animal but filled with love and emotions towards us. Along with society, we also have to protect the animals. He started working on it by protecting injured vagrant animals. When he found an injured animal he took them to Veterinary Centre for their treatment.
“It was such a peaceful feeling after saving a life” he said.
He continues his social work towards society then he joined Green Pencil Foundation as a volunteer.
After becoming a part of the GPF Family he thought he have the power to do everything for people with their support. Mr.Sandeep, founder of Green Pencil Foundation really inspired and motivated him towards his work.
After working so hard he became State Head of Uttar Pradesh Green Pencil Foundation and later he became President and Operations Head India GPF. He was really happy by achieving this achievement.
He always follow this mantra for social work :
“I am
“The last defence”,
“The last and lone voice”,
“A fighter”,
“A listener”,
“A helper”,
“A healer”.
This mantra gives him power, inspiration, and motivation to continue social work.
“I am really grateful to have this life in which where I worked for many people and spread happiness and hope among them to live their life with joy and happiness”. Said Sabeel