Meet Priya Maria whose book Achayan And Kochamma going to get released.

Say Bonjour to Priya Maria , or as she is lovingly called Khushi Raizada. Born in Hyderabad , Telangana to a malayali couple. A lawyer by profession, she believes in equality and justice. Her first book titled Achayan And Kochamma is all set to release in collaboration with Story Mirror . This book is the culmination of 25 years of her life’s journey. The title of the book Achayan And Kochamma is inspired by her maternal grandparents and this book is a small tribute to the many sacrifices made by her grandparents in building a family. Achayan And Kochamma is a historical faction. Readers may find themselves intrigued with Kochamma who speaks her mind unabashedly . It is a witty tale of Kochamma’s experiments and experiences in life that led her to discover herself. Achayan is an elusive figure who comes up to Kochamma’s aid in different forms of mysticism. For her curious Malayali readers , she took the pen name of Khushi Raizada to do justice to an ordinary Man who challenges her and inspires her to do extraordinary things. Born into a Christian family, she considers herself to be an Indian Cosmopolitan Woman . She strives to uphold the Preamble to the Indian Constitution in her words, thoughts and actions . Readers may find that this book is also a love story of Achayan and Kochamma spanning over different generations, rebirth and transmigration. The author dedicates her book to all those kind souls who brought Achayan and Kochamma together.