Meet 17 year old Khushi Mohunta spreading her message of love and compassion through her book ‘Waist Number 42’.

Waist Number 42 by Khushi Mohunta is an ode to all such people who constantly try to ‘fit’ in the societally accepted sizes. Modern society permits acceptance in Waist Number- the new credit cards. But we tend to forget that one should feel comfortable and beautiful in their own body. Though at last, it is about getting fit. But, the question is where is it coming from? About getting into those ‘societal acceptable sizes’ and why is it so?

This book is a question to those who think waist sizes are important for equal inclusion in society. Staunchly promoting, “Be a buddy, not a bully” and being one of the victims of this treacherous trap, Khushi feels one should admire oneself, as each piece of the puzzle is also unique and different but is required to complete the puzzle. Similarly, every individual is unique and is required in society as they have dignity.

If you are someone or know someone who is struggling with Obesity, Bullying, Body Shaming, School Bullying then WAIST NUMBER 42 is for you!

You can reach her out on Instagram at @khushimohunta and @khushi__pen !