PlayResume Media is launching new game with popular youtubers

PlayResume Media is currently in-game production marketing. At the earliest, they are going to launch three games in the market which are already in the development phase. Some of them are in their last testing phase. Their first game ‘Hold My Egg’ was a huge hit with 100K downloads. Its current rating is 4.5 stars at the play store.

Indian YouTubers are coming forward to collaborate with this new startup. Here, the Youtubers will create and produce games according to their viewers and users’ wishes.

The main focus of the company is to create and produce varieties of games like 3D vision, small-big casual games, and hyper-casual games. The company aims to deliver games based on views.

The concept of the company is to develop the games on each of the YouTubers, conceptually and beautifully designed, based on their audience demand.

“Z Gaming is youngest to reach 1 million subscribers on YouTube. We are planning to launch a new game celebrating his 1M subscribers” said Zoef.

Z Gaming is run by run by Zohair Muzammil Markande and his brother Zoef Muzammil Markande. They are from Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Z Gaming channel currently has 1 million + subscribers that give them a lot of influence on Indian YouTube gaming. The ZGaming channel was created on 8 Jan 2017 and it currently has over 122M total views. His videos cover all genres of popular video games and he is planning to release his game.

Around the globe, the gaming industry is leading the entertainment market with 2.81 billion gamers. The statistics and graphs have been showing steady growth in the game users of 5.6% each year. The dramatic rise in subscription gaming services and cloud gaming is the main reason behind it. Similarly, this opens an entirely new opportunity for the gaming sector in India. India being the second most populated country also holds the record of having the most number of youths, which ensures we are contributing success towards the globe Gaming revenue. Holding the title of just being a user isn’t enough for us, instead, India has already started building its hub to develop games also.