With the growth of E-commerce Shopping websites, increasing fraudulent cases – Voxya is the solution!

Shopping is one of the important aspects of a human being where they purchase goods and services as per their needs or requirements. When a person can purchase goods and services for their utilization then person become a consumer and consumer is a king in the market. As we know that digitization brings the more opportunities for businessmen to sell their product or services through their online shopping website. Many brand companies providing their best goods and services using their best online shopping portal websites while some companies who just started their online business to earn a lot from the consumer pocket. These online shopping website raising the number of consumer fraud and fraudulent activities in the internet market.

When people buy product and services from such companies they find the lack of services, unavailability of goods, wrong, used, fake, used and late delivery of products, misled by fake advertisements etc. In this situation, the consumer becomes frustrated and want to get back their money from the company or the seller. When companies stop replying to their emails or calls then consumer start to search new methods or platform to resolve their complaints quickly. At this moment online consumer complaints forum website are very helpful for consumers for a quick solution to consumer complaints. They helping consumers to get a replacement of products or goods, refund and return from the company or the seller.

Voxya is such best online consumer complaint forum website which protecting consumers from fraudulent cases are resolving complaints quickly with an optimal solution.

Using the following easy steps Voxya resolves consumer complaints:

Starts social media campaign for the maximum impact of consumer complaints.

It sends an email to the company and tries to resolve complaints amicably.

It will draft and sends legal notice to the company via registered post, It also sends a copy to the consumer court.

It helps consumers to approach consumer court and prepare all documents and evidence to submit in consumer court.

If you are looking for a solution to the complaint then File a complaint now!

You can also download Voxya Mobile App to file a consumer complaint easily using Voxya record option.
Ankur Srivastava
Ankur Srivastava

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