Ram Kumar Shinde – the MBA graduate who turned over his father’s Dosa stall into a hit business ‘Bandi’ in Hyderabad

Ram ki Bandi, started in 1989. is considered to be one of the best Dosa places in all of Hyderabad. Owned by Ram Kumar Shinde, who after studying MBA ditched a job and took over his father’s stall and turned it into a million dollar worth startup. 

Based in Nampally, Ram was an eight-year-old when he saw and helped his father make dosas and idlis and it completely grasped him with fascination by which his father made the food. Therefore, when he completed his MBA, instead of pursuing a simple 9-5 job, he decided to carry on his father’s business. 

Just like the famous saying, “Success doesn’t come overnight”, Ram’s business got crispier gradually by people. Innovating his food styles, relocating his stall, matching the timings of working with the availability of most people, and overall aligning his Dosa stall as a business like his clients. This bloomed his business, which now has more than 70 employees and 9 outlets in all of Hyderabad.

In today’s time, Ram ki bandi has become a savoury place for the most authentic and classy South Indian as well as remixed innovative food to devour. What started as a simple Dosa stall, is now a big brand serving various dishes, spiced-up variations of South Indian food like idlis and dosas mixed with pizza forms. One of their specials includes cheese dosa, pizza dosa, pizza idli, paneer cheese Corn and schezwan dosa, which can now be available through Zomato, swiggy, and other social delivery apps.

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