Read How Bummer Grows Fast With Smart Marketing and Loyal Customers

In the realm of apparel, one category has long been overlooked by innovation: underwear. Recognizing this gap, Sulay Lavsi, founder of Bummer, saw an opportunity to disrupt the market. With a solid background in textiles and apparel, Lavsi aimed to introduce a fashion-forward element to underwear, setting the stage for Bummer’s inception in 2020.

Innovative Approach to a Stagnant MarketLavsi’s insight into the underwear industry’s lack of innovation inspired him to blend fashion with functionality. Bummer quickly gained traction, with significant growth attributed to a unique focus on customer retention. While many startups prioritize acquiring new customers, Bummer invested in nurturing existing ones, understanding that a loyal customer base can be a formidable business foundation.

Strategic Marketing and Retention

Initially, Bummer’s marketing strategy was centered around email marketing and WhatsApp messaging. However, Lavsi soon realized the importance of retention. By building strong customer relationships, Bummer could ensure repeat purchases and long-term loyalty, even with a smaller customer base. This focus on retention proved to be a game-changer.

The WebEngage Startup Program played a pivotal role in Bummer’s retention strategy. Offering a centralized dashboard, WebEngage enabled Bummer to track customer engagement across various communication channels. This comprehensive approach allowed Bummer to create multi-channel journeys, effectively reaching customers through SMS, which emerged as a particularly effective mode of communication.

Effective Retention Campaigns

Bummer’s retention campaigns successfully encouraged repeat purchases. These campaigns were designed to engage customers who might not have intended to buy again, showcasing the power of personalized and timely communication. By understanding customer behavior and preferences, Bummer was able to tailor messages that resonated, thereby boosting sales and enhancing customer loyalty.

Expansion and Sustainability

Looking ahead, Bummer has ambitious plans to expand its presence offline. The brand aims to open physical stores in malls and airports, bringing its innovative designs directly to consumers.

Additionally, Bummer is exploring sustainable fabric options, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly products. This commitment to sustainability not only caters to environmentally conscious consumers but also differentiates Bummer in a competitive market.

The Value of Retention MarketingIn today’s competitive landscape, more businesses are recognizing the value of retention marketing tools. By reducing the cost of acquiring new customers, these tools help brands maximize the lifetime value of existing ones. Bummer’s success story underscores the importance of focusing on retention, showcasing how effective communication and customer engagement can drive sustainable growth.


Bummer’s journey is a testament to the power of innovation and strategic thinking in a traditionally stagnant market. By prioritizing customer retention and leveraging sophisticated marketing tools, Bummer has carved out a niche in the underwear industry. As the brand continues to expand and innovate, it serves as an inspiring example for other startups aiming to disrupt conventional industries.

Sulay Lavsi’s vision and commitment to excellence have positioned Bummer as a leader in fashion-forward underwear, setting new standards for customer engagement and sustainability. As the company moves forward, its focus on retention and innovation will undoubtedly continue to drive its success, making Bummer a name to watch in the apparel industry.


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