Secured His First Order Within a Week: How This 27-Year Old Went from Jobless to Earning 70 Lakhs Monthly with Premium A2 Ghee

In the quaint villages of Haryana, the rich aroma of hand-churned ghee has been a staple for generations. Yet, in recent years, the market has been flooded with mass-produced alternatives that often sacrifice quality for quantity. Bhavesh Chaudhary, a visionary entrepreneur from Haryana, is on a mission to restore the essence of traditional ghee production with his innovative business, Kasutam Bilona Ghee. Leveraging age-old methods, Bhavesh produces premium A2 ghee, renowned for its exceptional purity and health benefits. His unwavering commitment to quality has led to remarkable success, generating substantial revenue and establishing a loyal customer base.

The Birth of Kasutam Bilona Ghee

Bhavesh’s journey began with a deep-seated passion for reviving traditional practices and providing consumers with authentic, high-quality products. He recognized the growing demand for pure and natural ghee, which prompted him to delve into the ancient Bilona method of ghee production. This meticulous process involves hand-churning curd made from A2 cow milk, a breed known for its superior milk quality, to extract the finest ghee.

Table 1: Bilona Method vs. Commercial Method

AspectBilona MethodCommercial Method
SourceA2 Cow MilkMixed or Unknown Sources
ProcessHand-churnedMachine Processed
AdditivesNonePreservatives and Additives
Nutritional ValueHighVaries
Health BenefitsRich in Omega-3, CLA, Vitamins A, D, E, KVariable, Often Lower

The First Breakthrough

Bhavesh’s entrepreneurial journey wasn’t without its challenges. Starting with a modest setup and limited resources, he relied heavily on social media to market his product. His diligence paid off when he secured his first order within a week, earning Rs 1,125. This small yet significant victory marked the beginning of his remarkable entrepreneurial journey. The demand for Kasutam Bilona Ghee quickly grew, driven by word-of-mouth and positive customer feedback about its unparalleled quality and health benefits.

Building a Loyal Customer Base

From these humble beginnings, Bhavesh’s dedication and perseverance have led to impressive growth. Today, Kasutam Bilona Ghee boasts a loyal customer base of 15,000 across India. His monthly revenue has soared to Rs 70 lakh, a testament to the quality of his product and the trust he has built with his customers. The ghee’s popularity can be attributed to its purity, rich flavor, and numerous health benefits, including improved digestion, enhanced immunity, and better heart health.

Table 2: Monthly Revenue Growth

MonthRevenue (in Rs)

The Power of Social Media Marketing

A significant factor in Bhavesh’s success has been his adept use of social media for marketing. By sharing the story of his product and its benefits, he has been able to reach a wide audience. Engaging content, customer testimonials, and transparent information about the production process have built trust and credibility. This digital marketing strategy has not only driven sales but also fostered a community of health-conscious consumers who value authenticity.

Commitment to Quality

Bhavesh’s commitment to quality is unwavering. Each batch of Kasutam Bilona Ghee is produced with meticulous care, ensuring that the traditional Bilona method is adhered to strictly. This dedication to maintaining high standards has set Kasutam Bilona Ghee apart in a market crowded with inferior products. The ghee is free from preservatives, additives, and artificial flavors, making it a pure and wholesome choice for consumers.

Health Benefits of A2 Ghee

The health benefits of A2 ghee are well-documented. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and vitamins A, D, E, and K, A2 ghee is known to promote overall wellness. It supports healthy digestion, boosts immunity, and provides essential nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. These benefits have resonated with health-conscious consumers, further driving the demand for Kasutam Bilona Ghee.

Future Plans and Expansion

Looking ahead, Bhavesh aims to expand his business further. He plans to increase production capacity to meet the growing demand and explore new markets. Additionally, he is considering the introduction of new products that align with his philosophy of quality and authenticity. These plans include expanding the range of dairy products and introducing organic versions of traditional Indian foods.


Bhavesh Chaudhary’s journey with Kasutam Bilona Ghee is a remarkable example of how traditional methods can be leveraged to create high-quality, authentic products that resonate with modern consumers. His success is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a commitment to excellence. By reviving the ancient Bilona method and bringing it to the contemporary market, Bhavesh has not only built a thriving business but also contributed to preserving an important aspect of India’s culinary heritage. As Kasutam Bilona Ghee continues to grow, it serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to blend tradition with innovation.

Kasutam Bilona Ghee stands as a beacon of quality in an industry that often compromises on purity. Bhavesh Chaudhary’s dedication to preserving traditional methods and providing genuine products has carved out a unique niche in the ghee market, ensuring that consumers have access to the best that nature has to offer.


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