SkillGaming and Wizardium to Bewitch Gamers with their Partnership Quest

Abracadabra! Alakazam! Let’s start the year with a bang! Get ready to be spellbound as SkillGaming is delighted to announce another new partnership, this time with WIZARDIUM. was inspired by the Harry Potter stories. The idea came primarily from their love for both Harry Potter books/movies and animals, and this, in turn, led to their decision to combine magical settings with animal magicians to bring forth a new Metaverse in blockchain gaming! In short, it is a crypto magic Play-to-Earn (P2E) game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). By combining NFT technologies and earning opportunities, Wizardium is able to design and build an incredible NFT game in principles of gamification and yield farming.

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Wizardium $WIZZY Token

Wizardium promises to take users into the wonderful world of magic, full of spells, alchemy, mythology, and mysterious quests. All alchemists and wizards can explore the Wizardium world to find some rare elements and use them as ingredients to create and earn in $WIZZY Token (Price: $0.05322, +0.56% 24H). The Wizardium team have said their aim was to build one of the most balanced token systems in blockchain Play-to-Earn gaming.

Wizardium Trailer

The first stage in this exciting new partnership is for our team at SkillGaming to build the Telegram, web-based and android app version game called Wizardium: Markus Journey where communities will be able to have fun and play the games for FREE collecting XP points or earning in real money. The game is the brainchild of SkillGaming Game Developers and Arch, Wizardium’s Community Leader from Switzerland. Once the Telegram version is completed, the Wizardium team will use the game to host several Telegram competitions, so we truly hope everyone enjoys playing the game as much as we did creating it.

I am Markus — come join me in my Magical Journey soon

This is just the beginning. We hope to make more games for Wizardium and a whitelabel partnership is also a possibility. We will inform gamers and token holders of any further developments as they happen.

About SkillGaming

SkillGaming extended family growing each day is the first unique skills-based gaming network where gamers can play for free or with real money on PC, android mobile app, or Google Playstore. Gamers can compete with other users for money in either single-player or multi-player mode (shown below) or even play for free and just have a good time playing more than a hundred games in our game arsenal.

We are always on the lookout for new partners. As the leading designer of mini-games for communities around the world, we have already partnered with other leading Blockchain projects brands such as Shiba Inu, Jedstar, Turtle, Wall Street Bets, Zaddy, Goat, ShinChan, Age of Tanks, Cake Monster, Meals Token, and more, to build games for their communities.

SkillGaming also offers one of the most profitable and exciting affiliate programs in the skill-based gaming industry today. Our unique and lucrative affiliate compensation program is driven entirely by gaming volume transacted on the platform and pays both affiliates and game developers up to 73% revenue share in any real-money transaction generated by users they have referred to the platform, for life. In addition, game developers earn a revenue share from in-game app purchases.

Karen Yap, Head of Business Development said, “We look forward to working with Wizardium and their communities. We believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial and super synergetic for both parties to achieve greater results, further shaping the future of gaming, metaverse, blockchain, and also the NFT market. We hope to bring gamers a unique way for them to experience the enchanting world of magic and wizardry!”

About Wizardium

Wizardium is a magical play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain inspired by magic, alchemy, and mythology with amazing NFT heroes — magician animals — alchemists, witchers, and archimages. They aim to build a platform with a combination of DeFi and NFT gaming. Where users may use their NFT heroes to mine mystical NFT elements and swap them to native WIZZY tokens and get some profit.

Wizardium is said to be this magical soaring island outside of all known countries and regions. Legends said it was created by Alterius — the all-mighty arcane sage and the owner of precious secrets. To get started, all the gamer needs to do is to select their hero and have a chance to dive into the world of magic and alchemy. Gamers are also able to explore lands to find the elements and minerals, drop them to the mighty cauldron, and get the Wizardium $WIZZY tokens. It allows gamers to Play to Earn, to make magic, to make money, to mine WIZZY tokens, and to enjoy their amazing crypto journey.

Below is the Wizardium Play to Earn concept workflow. The flowchart is a visualization of how all the Wizardium games will work to be profitable for the players and Wizzy token holders.

Wizardium Play to Earn concept workflow

Or you can also watch a sneak peek of Wizardium Gameplay below:Sneak Peek of Wizardium P2E Gameplay

Behind every interesting project is always a good team. The Wizardium team comprises a highly experienced group of professionals handling all the blockchain, art, tech and marketing functions to ensure their dream project becomes a reality.

Wizardium Teammates

Arch, Wizardium’s Community Leader, a gamer who loves playing WarCraft and a crypto enthusiast since the ICO boom in 2017, said, “the Wizardium team had this inspiration to create a blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain in magical settings due to the traction in Axie Infinity adoption and with blockchain gaming becoming increasingly popular. Wizardium is a crypto NFT gaming Metaverse where magic comes true. It’s a clear dapp blockchain game, with a play-to-earn principle where users can earn some tokens while playing. SkillGaming was just the right fit and a technology partner that is able to offer what our team needed”.

Stay tuned for further updates on this collaboration in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, please visit the mystical world of Wizardium at, and SkillGaming at, or via the revolutionary SG Mobile app, to check out what both projects have to offer.

The SkillGaming team!