Success is where Education and Soft skills meet

Success never comes easy and while addressing success, all we talk about is goals, we often forget that success isn’t a goal that is reached overnight, its a lifelong the journey full of lessons, experiences, motivations and aspirations. And to walk the path to success, now in this modern and really advanced world, it takes more than just talent to reach the goal. Upgrading core knowledge, updating soft skills, rigorous practice and consistency in efforts is all it takes us to our dream destination.

Now, as a parent, have you ever futuristically imagined the life challenges that your child may face in tomorrow’s high-tech and self-centred world? I am sure you must have, and if the technological rush startles you and you feel uncertain about the future that your child holds ahead, then this online platform ‘Unlimited You’ brings to us not only courses like Ultrasharp Minds Masterclasses ( ) but also provide an opportunity for experts to write for it.

Ultra sharp minds masterclass is a life changing course crafted carefully keeping in mind the young learners, leaders, professionals etc. solely intended to brush up one’s knowledge on soft skills that navigate them while facing the real world challenges and avoid getting stuck up within the confines of knowledge that the school syllabus provides them.

The course starts with like Power meditation (Shunyatwa Shakti) and Emotion management. And then to channelize the pure consciousness of meditative state in right direction, it covers following topics in step by step manner: 10X Memory, Unlocking self-discipline, Creative thinking (Out of the Box thinking), Mathematical thinking, Analytical thinking (Critical thinking), Time management, Laziness & Procrastination Cure, Leadership & Team work, and last but not the least Negotiation finesse.

Through an in-depth research and study of practical applications of these essential life skills, vision of ‘Unlimited You’ is to prepare today’s kids and young adults to succeed at every step on their way while following Darwin’s theory with a twist of new age the mantra ” UPDATE TO SURVIVE “. Because, in this modern civilization, survival of the fittest is an old and obsolete theory, which has given way to the philosophy of the survival and success of the one who is determined and shows growth by updating himself / herself each day. 

According to Nitin Deshmukh, founder of Unlimited You, ”Ultrasharp Minds Masterclass provided by their online platform is a revolutionary course that will give your child an unfair advantage over his / her contemporaries, competitors and even over his / her future colleagues and bosses. It’s a step by step course that explains the complexities of the mind in a very simple way while also providing easy to implement techniques not just to ensure survival in the brutal future but also to emerge as a winner in every situation.”

If you still find it dangling or confusing as to why this course is different from others, then you must really know that at Unlimited You, they understand the crux of the matter that they are dealing with. Working with their full efficiency with a team of trained experts and experienced professionals, to deliver their trainees the step by step guidelines and values, they help vanquish doubts and show their students a clear picture of the world, through efficient learning and skill development.