Suraj Pagar- A passionate entrepreneur aiming at changing the traditional interior design approach 360 degrees.

“Design is making people happy, either functionally, aesthetically or emotionally”. Interior Design is the business of trust. This is the story of Suraj Pagar who decided to take this responsibility and went ahead with aspirations in his brain and passion in his heart to bag them all. 

 Suraj Pagar, Shailesh Bhokare ( technical head),  are the co-founders of this homegrown brand Modularhomez. Suraj, the co-founder completed his civil engineering from Pune and has also worked in the real estate developer segment, later on, opted for MBA in construction project management in the 2018-20 batch.

Thought process

The initial idea came from the fact that in the modern scenario too, interior designing needs to be honed in whereas aspects, the loopholes are still breathing in the market. There are companies in the market offering excellent designs yet operating in the traditional way. For getting the home decored and designed right from the carpenter to the designer, many people have their role to play who all are scattered everywhere, taking this loophole as an opportunity Suraj and his team decided to bring these pieces under one shed. The primary idea was to simplify the home decor process consumer-friendly, leaving them with the best experience ever. 


The startup/ ——- is an out of the box business idea seeking to provide rid of all physical hectic visits for the interior designing project. The company is a completely bootstrapped venture. The startup/—– is a team of 8-10 expertises working hard to manage everything and meet all the desires of the customer’s dream house projects. Currently, the brand is running positive cash flows and is earning good revenue. 

The company offers ex-factor facilities like instant pricing, Meet the experts, designs and estimations making it a one-stop home solution for customers. The roadmap ahead comprises of expanding the outreach and base of the business model. The idea has exemplary potential to do outstanding in the designing domain, Suraj and his team are planning for setting it on a bigger level in the future. Right now, the company is looking for seed funding in the near future. 

Business model

The services are categories majorly under three heads. Firstly the Modular Products covers- Kitchen, Wardrobe and storage, second is F&D- Furniture and Home decor and the rest of the services. It provides a one-stop solution for your lovely home. Without any tension of the physical operations and stepping out of the home, they provide every information on your dashboard. Operation in the e-commerce ecosystem, items of decor is displayed as cat locks and pictures on the website. The model mainly emphasises integrating the three main dots of any home decor project- The designer-vendor-Customer. 

The company maintains full transparency during the entire project. Start from conception to finalising quotations and other stuff, transparency is highly maintained, even the tiny details are shown on your dashboard and can be accessed anytime. 


Growing business and making it sustainable in the long run faces a wide range of obstacles. When this unique idea was in its budding stage, Suraj was grounded with many hardships. 

The Principle problem was the search for suitable co-founders matching the enthusiasm and dedication level that of Suraj, being from a non-tech engineering background this was a major concern for him. He was the first person from his family background to step into the universe of business and risk. He was the door opener for the business sector in his home.

Also, as the idea is completely a blend of designing and innovation, striking on the simplest way making the home decor a cherishing experience, the platform operates on the website, to execute and shape a completely new idea was very tough for Suraj and his team.  


“ The moment you are ready to give up is usually the moment when a miracle is about to happen”

Suraj stated that motivation is nothing like a goal but the continuous process of working hard with the high enthusiast team devoting hours for executing the idea into a completely successful business is the real force pulling every day to give their best. 

Another important thing is,, “Follow Your Passions, and Success Will Follow. 

In the real sense, Success is the achievement of the desired aim or goal you are passionate about. Being passionate ignites the spark of never giving up, facing all odds and still gives us the power to stand and pave our own way. Passion is an energy resource that fuels our success in life.

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