Tesla Model S Plaid: Elon Musk’s Fastest Electric Car

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, OpenAI built the fastest electric car and named it Tesla model S Plaid. It has a 3-motor setup that gives 1100hp (horsepower). One motor is located above the front axle while the remaining two motors are located at either side of the rear axle. The highest speed achieved by the car is 390mph. The car can go 0-60mph in 1.99s.

Key features of the car:
⦁ Weight: 4766lbs or 2161.8Kgs
⦁ Battery: 12V lithium
⦁ Battery capacity: 95.0kW
⦁ Fast charge power and time: 250kW DC, 23 minutes
⦁ Two-wheel base systems: 19-inch & 21-inch

Tesla S plaid has 360° degrees of visibility and 12 ultrasonic senses and it also includes the latest safety features such as an emergency braking system, highly sensitive reflexes which make the driver and passengers have a safe ride every time.

The wheels of the car are designed to keep it planted to the ground which prevents the car from rolling over even in extreme conditions. Continental tires are used with tire pressure sensors. These sensors help the car adapt to the handling with respect to tire pressure.

Tesla S Plaid has a built-in AI with a self-driving feature. Along with it, the car also has self-parking, yoke steering, etc. It has a triple-screen display that gives attention to detail while self-parking the car. It also has a summon feature which doesn’t make you want to go all the way to your car. The car summons itself near you saving your time.